SLLA502A October   2020  – December 2021 TCAN1042-Q1 , TCAN1042G-Q1 , TCAN1042GV-Q1 , TCAN1042H-Q1 , TCAN1042HG-Q1 , TCAN1042HGV-Q1 , TCAN1042HV-Q1 , TCAN1042V-Q1


  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1Overview
  3. 2Functional Safety Failure In Time (FIT) Rates
  4. 3Failure Mode Distribution (FMD)
  5. 4Pin Failure Mode Analysis (Pin FMA)
  6. 5Revision History

Failure Mode Distribution (FMD)

The failure mode distribution estimation for TCAN1042-Q1 and TCAN1042V-Q1 (as well as the TCAN1042H-Q1, TCAN1042G-Q1, TCAN1042HV-Q1, TCAN1042GV-Q1, TCAN1042HG-Q1 and TCAN1042HGV-Q1) in Table 3-1 comes from the combination of common failure modes listed in standards such as IEC 61508 and ISO 26262, the ratio of sub-circuit function size and complexity and from best engineering judgment.

The failure modes listed in this section reflect random failure events and do not include failures due to misuse or overstress.

Table 3-1 Die Failure Modes and Distribution
Die Failure Modes Failure Mode Distribution (%)
Receiver fail 45%
Transmitter fail 45%
CANL or CANH driver stuck dominant 5%
Short circuitry any two pins 5%