SLLA548A March   2021  – March 2022 ISO1540 , ISO1541 , ISO1640 , ISO1641 , ISO1642 , ISO1643 , ISO1644


  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1 What is Isolated I2C?
  3. 2 What is Hot Swap?
  4. 3 Benefits of Hot-Swappable Isolated I2C
  5. 4How Hot-Swap Capability is Achieved Today
  6. 5Robust Communication With the Built-in Hot-Swap Feature of the ISO164x
  7. 6Simplified System-Level ESD Protection Design With ISO164x
  8. 7Conclusion
  9. 8References
  10. 9Revision History


TI’s ISO164x family of isolated I2C devices with hot-swap circuitry helps maintain the data integrity of I2C buses during device plug-in without the need for a staggered connector. In addition, the built-in system-level IEC ESD protection of the ISO164x eliminates the need for external protection components, simplifying reliable system-level design. Combined hot-swap features and the integrated IEC ESD will lead to improved robustness while shortening the bill of materials (BOM) of the system.