SBOA553A August   2022  – January 2023 OPA593


  1.   Abstract
  2. 1Introduction
    1. 1.1 Parallel Output Circuit Design Considerations
  3. 2AC Considerations
  4. 3Bench Test Results
  5. 4Conclusion
  6. 5Revision History


Power operational amplifier (op amp) applications are extending into areas where higher precision along with high-voltage supplies (> 50 V), and currents from hundreds of milliamperes to amperes are required. The OPA593 is a recent TI power op amp introduction that is usable with power supplies up to 85 V. It is capable of an output current of 0.25 A from a 4 mm × 4 mm, WSON package. However, even with all the OPA593 offers a new semiconductor test application has been identified where a current level up to 0.5 A is a must have.

This application note describes how two OPA593 op amps can have their outputs parallel connected to provide that 0.5-A output current. It provides a circuit design that successfully meets all DC and AC aspects of the application including the ability to drive a load capacitance of 1 µF with complete stability.