SCDT001 January   2022 TMUX1575 , TMUX646 , TS3DDR4000 , TS3DV642-Q1


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TI's portfolio of signal switches include several 6 GHz bandwidth devices that can support high-speed signal standards such as Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI). These devices come in various channel counts and package options which enables designers to easily scale their system's video throughput and form factor.

The following diagrams show that multiple high-speed signal standards (C-PHY, D-PHY, and so forth) can be supported with a single device. Because these MIPI branded devices are low capacitance passive FET switches, many other high data rate protocols can be supported. Some examples include: LVDS, RGMII, LAN, DDR4, Ethernet, and so forth.

Figure 1-1 Simplified C-PHY Schematic
Figure 1-2 Simplified D-PHY Schematic

Each high bandwidth multiplexer includes s-parameter models and eye diagram comparisons for easy signal integrity simulation analysis.

The figures below show the comparison between a 6 Gbps signal passing through a low capacitance signal switch like the TMUX646 compared to a through path trace.

GUID-20210520-CA0I-9ZZ7-PSMH-LFDK6TQJRKHR-low.pngFigure 1-3 6 Gbps with TMUX646 (200-mVpp) Eye Diagram
GUID-20210520-CA0I-CQHB-W4WX-GJSWC3R8GZC9-low.pngFigure 1-4 6 Gbps Through Path (200-mVpp) Eye Diagram

For more information about multiplexing MIPI signals, see TI precision lab video Switches and muxes: Getting started multiplexing MIPI.

Recommended Parts

Part NumberConfiguration# of ChannelsPer Channel Bandwidth (-3 dB)Max D-PHY Data RatePackage Size
TMUX15752:1 SPDT41.8 GHz3.6 Gbps1.77 mm2 1.33 mm × 1.33 mm (WCSP 16)
TMUX6462:1 SPDT106.0 GHz48 Gbps6.00 mm2 2.45 mm × 2.45 mm (nFBGA 36)
TS3DDR40002:1 SPDT126.0 GHz58 Gbps24.00 mm2 3.00 mm × 8.00 mm (DSBGA 36)
TS3DV642-Q1(1)2:1 SPDT125.8 GHz58 Gbps31.50 mm2 3.50 mm × 9.00 mm (WQFN 42)
Automotive AEC Q100

For more devices, browse through the online parametric tool where you can sort by desired voltage, channel numbers, and other features.