SLOA188A October   2013  – November 2021 DRV2603 , DRV2604 , DRV2605 , DRV2605L-Q1 , DRV2624 , DRV2625


  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1Introduction
  3. 2How Auto-Resonance Tracking Works
  4. 3Auto-Resonance Vibration Strength
  5. 4Auto-Resonance Efficiency
  6. 5Auto-Resonance Braking
  7. 6How to Measure Auto-Resonance
  8. 7Revision History

Benefits of Auto-Resonance Tracking

The DRV2603, DRV2604, and DRV2605 (DRV260x devices) as well as the DRV2624 and DRV2625 (DRV262x devices) are linear resonant actuator (LRA) and eccentric rotating mass motor (ERM) haptic drivers with unique features to ease haptic design and system-level challenges. For LRA’s, these drivers feature a unique auto-resonance tracking engine which automatically tracks and generates the LRA resonant frequency. DRV262X device family is an optimized version of DRV260X device family, without PWM or Analog control. However the DRV262x do come with additional configurable settings and diagnostic tools.

This application note discusses the benefits of auto-resonance tracking in the DRV2605 and DRV2625 including vibration strength, response time, and efficiency. These benefits are also applicable to the DRV2603, DRV2604, and DRV2624.