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    2.     Innovation Built on Collaboration
    3.     The Many Applications for DLP Technology
    4.     Developing Solutions for Tomorrow Together

Kent Novak

It’s hard to believe it has been more than a year since I published the inaugural post for this blog. Since that introductory post in April 2015, several exciting innovations have continued to unfold, building on the amazing legacy of DLP® Products. Our team has been enabling new and creative solutions by delivering more efficient chips for high definition (and ultra-high definition) displays, advanced light control solutions that support broader wavelengths, and automotive solutions that will enable a new driving experience in both Head Up Display (HUD) and headlamps.

Innovation Built on Collaboration

I’m often asked, “Where do you find inspiration for new DLP Products?” The simple answer is, “Everywhere.”

The creativity of our people and our customers is incredible.  When I think of the hundreds of new products that have been enabled by DLP technology, I am always amazed.


For example, our engineers have come up with an amazing new technical concept that ultimately enables us to provide a more affordable 4K Ultra-High Definition solution for projection displays. Other times, we hear from one of our many partners about a technical requirement we had never considered, but it ends up rewriting the future in areas as diverse as retail shopping and handheld spectroscopy.

The combination of our technical advances in micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS) processing and the pull of new applications that want to leverage DLP technology is perhaps greater than it has ever been.

The Many Applications for DLP Technology

Our roots in the high quality displays have fueled innovation in a variety of areas you may not entirely expect. For example, did you know the same basic display technology we use in DLP Cinema® is enhancing the driving experience? We’re able to leverage our expertise to deliver high brightness display systems such as head-up display (HUD) in vehicles that give drivers more detail about their surroundings through a wide field-of-view (FOV). DLP technology can also be used in automotive headlights to reduce glare to oncoming traffic in real time.


In the consumer space, we’re seeing incredible growth in customers who are developing mobile smart TVs, also called screenless TVs, powered by our family of TI DLP® Pico™ chipsets. Consumers are simultaneously demanding a big screen experience with mobile entertainment they can stream from anywhere.  Of course, we’re working with customers to make sure mobile smart TVs deliver big, bright, compelling images on just about any flat surface.

Wearable displays are another technology where DLP technology is really taking off, enabling responsive, colorful and high-resolution virtual reality and augmented reality displays designed that give people new perspectives on their surroundings, both real and imagined.

From machine vision and factory automation to hand-held spectroscopy, our advanced light control technology is helping solve a broad array of complex engineering problems from the farmer’s field to the factory floor.

Developing Solutions for Tomorrow Together

The success I’ve seen in our technology extends well beyond the ecosystem of products and solution we offer. A key component to success is working with our customers through the design process and supporting them along the way. Beyond our traditional products and the support we offer, the TI Design Network allows our customers to get system solutions they need to start developing their next game-changing product.

In the end, innovation is driven by collaboration. It’s all about the two-way conversation between our people and the developers, engineers, students and educators that generates the most incredible solutions. I’m excited to see the next generation of devices that are the result of our fruitful relationships with our customers and design partners around the world.

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