SSZTBG4 april   2016 AM1802 , AM1806 , AM1808 , AM3505 , AM3517 , AM3703 , AM3715 , DM3725 , DM3730 , TMS320C6472


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Carlos Betancourt

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TMDXEVMWIFI1808L: A full featured tool for evaluating the pin compatible AM1808, AM1806 and AM1802 applications processors. The tool comes with an LCD touchscreen and WiFi. The Sitara™ processor is based on an ARM9™, making them highly power efficient for applications in the industrial, portable medical, communications and consumer markets. (Enter code EVM1808SALE in the TI store)


Allowing developers to evaluate the pin compatible DM3730, DM3725, AM3715 and AM3703 application processors with an LCD touchscreen and WiFi. These Sitara processors are based on ARM® Cortex-A8® and they are highly power efficient for battery operated applications. They are ideal for applications such as portable multimedia, handheld data terminals, portable medical, home and building automation, navigation systems, test and measurement, smart displays and human machine interface (HMI).  (Enter code EVM3730SALE  in the TI store)

 TMDSEVM3517C:  Ideal for applications such as single board computers, data terminals and other industrial applications this Sitara processor is based on an ARM® Cortex-A8®. Enabling the evaluation of AM3505, AM3517 processors and comes with LCD touchscreen. (Enter code EVM3517SALE  in the TI store)

 430BOOST-C55AUDIO1: This plug-in board for MSP430™microcontroller LaunchPad™ development kit (MSP-EXP430G2), offers a reference implementation for capacitive touch solutions, using the capacitive touch I/O ports of select MSP430 microcontrollers. It also allows designers to easily control the C5000™ ultra-low-power DSP using TI’s MSP430 microcontroller for crystal clear playback and recording of MP3 audio/voice files. The combination of the lowest standby power microcontroller with the lowest total power DSP allows manufacturers to deliver ultra-low-power devices with an extremely long battery life. (Enter code 430C55BOOSTSALE  in the TI store)


TMDSEVM6472: This is a standalone low cost tool for evaluating the TMS320C6472 DSP. The tool comes with embedded emulation capability via the USB Host interface or an external emulator and can be used via a 14-pin JTAG emulation header. This tool is designed for an ease of use environment to evaluate the power efficient multicore TMS320C6472 DSP. Memories and peripherals on the board allow customers to use this C6472-based EVM as a simple server. The emulation capability and software included in the EVM enable customer to program the C6472 DSP and benchmark the algorithms that are intended to run it. (Enter code EVM6472SALE  in the TI store)