SLAA937 June   2020 TAS2110 , TAS2562 , TAS2563 , TAS2564


  1.   Advantages of Thermal Foldback on SmartAmps
    1.     Trademarks
    2. 1 Advantages of Thermal Foldback Feature
    3. 2 Temperature Monitor
    4. 3 Thermal Foldback Configuration
      1. 3.1 Temperature Threshold
      2. 3.2 Thermal Max Attenuation
      3. 3.3 Thermal Slope
      4. 3.4 Hold Time
      5. 3.5 Release Rate
    5. 4 Thermal Foldback Performance
      1. 4.1 Device Configuration
      2. 4.2 Thermal Foldback Disabled
        1. 4.2.1 Initial Temperature
        2. 4.2.2 Final Temperature
      3. 4.3 Thermal Foldback Enabled
        1. 4.3.1 Final Temperature
    6. 5 Conclusions

Advantages of Thermal Foldback on SmartAmps

The new generation of Texas Instruments SmartAmps, TAS2110, TAS2562, TAS2563 and TAS2564, introduce a new feature called Thermal Foldback. This feature allows the device to keep playing audio even when the temperature of the device is rising. Most audio amplifiers nowadays have thermal protection, which stops the audio playback or even shuts-down the device completely, so that it is not damaged due to high temperatures exposure. Thermal Foldback will automatically attenuate the output signal, by reducing the gain, letting the device cool-down while audio is still present at the output.

This application report is purposed to provide a thorough explanation of the Thermal Foldback functionality, how it can improve the end audio applications as well as show a comparison between the feature disabled and enabled.