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  1.   Selecting the Right Microcontroller Doesn’t Have to be Complicated
  2.   MCU Fundamentals: Done Better, at the Lowest Cost
  3.   Broadly Scalable
  4.   Cost Optimized
  5.   Simple to Use

Selecting the Right Microcontroller Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Whether you are selecting an MCU to solve a new design challenge, determining the best scalable MCU family to use across a new product platform, or just re-designing an existing system to improve supply continuity and reduce costs, TI’s MSPM0 portfolio of Arm® Cortex®-M0+ MCUs is built for you. MSPM0 is about more than just the microcontroller itself. It’s about delivering more system cost optimization, more code re-use, and enabling faster development- even when you aren't an MCU expert. MSPM0 enables you to focus on what’s really important: differentiating your own product and your end user experience.

Designed with more than two decades of expertise in bringing the best analog and low power performance to more than 500 MCU products, TI’s MSPM0 portfolio simplifies the hard work of cost optimization, future proofing, and platform porting to let you focus on the differentiating features of your products, and not on understanding your MCUs.

Take advantage of more options with 130+ cost optimized devices in a broadly scalable portfolio with the most comprehensive analog options in the industry and discover the unlimited possibilities for what you can quickly create with MSPM0 MCUs. Built with a multi-sourced 300-mm wafer fabrication strategy that leverages TI's industry-leading investments in low power embedded flash internal manufacturing capacity, together with the industry's smallest leaded packages, there's no reason to look elsewhere for your next MCU.

GUID-20221219-SS0I-93NK-GHTW-0NFWWTC5FDQQ-low.png Broadly Scalable
  • Two software compatible compute performance levels (32 MHz and 80 MHz)
  • Pin-to-pin compatible across eight leaded and no-lead package options
  • Scalable analog from basic ADCs up to dual ADCs with op-amps, comparators, and DAC
GUID-20221219-SS0I-F3L7-ZDBR-NBTHQ9B1KD7S-low.png Cost Optimized
  • Built with TI's internal 65-nm process technology for the lowest cost and power
  • Industry's smallest leaded 16-, 20-, and 28-pin packages (double the pin count in half the space)
  • Zero-drift chopper-stabilized integrated op-amps reduce bill of materials
GUID-20221219-SS0I-3CC1-587K-XTZVRRZZJFF6-low.png Simple to use
  • Fully graphical configuration of peripherals, clocking, analog modules, pin mux, and security
  • Industry's most optimized software driver library with more than 200 code examples
  • Libraries addressing diagnostics, motor control, secure boot, wired communication, and more

Platform features

  • Powerful Arm Cortex-M0+ 32-bit processor
  • Broad 1.62- to 3.6-V supply (1.8 or 3.6 V with 10% tolerance)
  • Up to -40 to 125°C operating temperature range
  • Flexible 1-μA 32-kHz standby mode with full SRAM retention
  • Up to 1% accurate on-chip high frequency oscillator
  • Available 5-V-tolerant open-drain and 20-mA high-drive I/O
  • 32-MHz fast clock wake from standby in less than 4.5 μs
  • 11.2 effective number of bits from SAR ADCs
  • Industry's first zero-drift chopper stabilized op-amps in an MCU
  • Available ECC on flash memory and SRAM
  • Secure boot capable with flexible device security modes