SLUAAD5 April   2021 TPS92515-Q1 , TPS92518-Q1 , TPS92520-Q1 , TPS92662A-Q1 , TPS92663A-Q1 , TPS92682-Q1 , TPS92692-Q1


  1. 1Single Feature Front Lighting
  2. 2Complete LED Headlamp With Matrix

Single Feature Front Lighting

Flexible design: single-stage power conversion architecture

A single-stage LED driver is a simple, cost-effective solution for single headlight features such as day-time running light, turn indicator or high and low beam functions. To drive these single features containing only one or two LEDs, buck topology LED drivers, such as the TPS92515HV-Q1, are a smaller, more efficient solution. When the LED driver must handle wide input voltage variations at extreme conditions such as load dump or crank or drive multiple LEDs, it is common to have boost, buck-boost, SEPIC, Flyback or Cuk topologies. In these cases, TI has a robust portfolio including the TPS92692-Q1 and TPS92682-Q1 that can implement a wide variety of configurations. TI’s LED drivers ensure a constant output current to the LEDs under all possible operating conditions--reliably.


TI’s flexible, single-stage LED driver products are highly configurable point-of-load solutions with advanced dimming capabilities. With diagnostic and protection features in addition to EMI mitigation techniques like spread spectrum, TI’s portfolio provides the necessary functionality to create robust, high-performance platform electronic solutions for single feature front lighting.

GUID-20210303-CA0I-BRWW-BCCQ-G96VXQR2HL8R-low.gifFigure 1-1 LED Driver Products
Table 1-1 Single Stage Device Recommendations
Device # of
Max LED Current Special Features
Multi-toplogy Current Regulator
TPS92682-Q1 2 No 4.5 V–65 V 3 V–65 V 5 A Analog and PWM Dimming, SPI Interface, Fault Handling
TPS92692-Q1 1 No 4.5 V–65 V 2.5 V–65 V No limit Adjustable Reference, Spread Spectrum, Fault Handling
TPS92691-Q1 1 No 4.5 V–65 V 0 V–65 V No limit Analog and PWM Dimming, Fault Handling, Rail-Rail Current Sense
Buck Current Regulator
TPS92515HV-Q1 1 Yes 5.5 V–65 V 0 V–65 V 2 A Analog and PWM Dimming
LM3409HV-Q1 1 No 6 V–75 V 0 V–75 V 5 A Analog and PWM Dimming