SNLU223D August   2017  – February 2023 DS90UB954-Q1


  1.   DS90UB954-Q1EVM Deserializer User's Guide
  2. Trademarks
  3. Introduction
  4. Quick Start Guide
    1. 3.1 System Requirements
      1. 3.1.1 Included Components
      2. 3.1.2 Additional Required Components
    2. 3.2 Applications Diagram
    3. 3.3 Major Components of DS90UB954-Q1EVM
    4. 3.4 DS90UB954-Q1EVM Setup
  5. DS90UB954-Q1EVM Board Configuration
    1. 4.1 Default Configuration
    2. 4.2 Power Supply
    3. 4.3 Power-over-Coax Interface
    4. 4.4 MIPI CSI-2 Output Signals
    5. 4.5 FPD-Link III Signals
    6. 4.6 I2C Interface
    7. 4.7 Control Interface
  6. Enable and Reset
  7. Use with DS90UB936-Q1
  8. Typical Connection and Test Equipment
  9. Termination Device
  10. Typical Test Setup
  11. 10Equipment References
  12. 11Cable References
  13. 12Software for DS90UB954Q1-EVM Evaluation - Analog LaunchPAD (ALP) Software Setup
    1. 12.1 System Requirements
    2. 12.2 Download Contents
    3. 12.3 Installation of the ALP Software
    4. 12.4 Startup - First Launch
  14. 13Using ALP and DS90UB954 Profile
    1. 13.1 Information Tab
    2. 13.2 Registers Tab
    3. 13.3 Registers Tab - Address 0x00 Expanded
      1. 13.3.1 Port Specific Registers
      2. 13.3.2 36
    4. 13.4 Saving and Loading Register Settings
    5. 13.5 Scripting Tab
      1. 13.5.1 Example Functions
        1. Local I2C Reads/Writes
        2. General I2C Reads/Writes:
        3. I2C Reads/Writes with Multi-Byte Register Addresses
    6. 13.6 GPIO Tab
    7. 13.7 Forwarding Tab
    8. 13.8 CSI Registers Tab
    9. 13.9 Remote Registers Tab
  15. 14Troubleshooting ALP Software
    1. 14.1 ALP Does Not Detect The EVM
    2. 14.2 USB2ANY Firmware Issues
  16. 15DS90UB954-Q1EVM PCB Schematics, Layout and Bill of Materials - DS90UB954-Q1EVM Schematic
  17. 16DS90UB954-Q1 EVM PCB Layout
  18. 17DS90UB954-Q1EVM Bill of Materials
  19. 18Revision History

DS90UB954-Q1EVM Deserializer User's Guide

The Texas Instruments DS90UB954-Q1EVM evaluation modules (EVM) are functional board designs for evaluating the DS90UB954-Q1 FPD-Link III deserializer, the DS90UB638-Q1 low-cost deserializer, and the TDES954 V3Link deserializer, which convert serialized camera data to MIPI CSI-2 for processing. The MIPI CSI-2 output has four available DPHY data lanes, which can be configured for either four-lane output or replicated two-lane output. When paired with a compatible serializer, the deserializer can receive data from imager(s) supporting cameras as well as satellite RADAR. The DS90UB954-Q1 also supports DS90UB913A/933 serializers.

Some variants are single channel. For these variants, ignore references to RX1. Some references are made to serializer backward compatibility. Refer to the product datasheet for serializer compatibility.

The DS90UB954-Q1EVM is configured for communication with the DS90UB953-Q1, DS90UB635-Q1, and TSER953 on channel 0 (RX0), and DS90UB933-Q1 on channel 1 (RX1). The EVM has two Rosenberger FAKRA connectors and configurable Power-over-Coax (PoC) voltage for connecting the camera modules (not included). FPD-Link III and V3Link interfaces also include a separate low latency bidirectional control channel that conveys control information from an I2C port. General purpose I/O signals, such as those required for camera synchronization and functional safety features, also make use of this bidirectional control channel to program registers in the DS90UB954-Q1, DS90UB638-Q1 and TDES954, as well as the connected serializer and any remote I2C connected devices. There is an onboard MSP430 which functions as a USB2ANY bridge for interfacing with a PC for evaluation. The USB2ANY interfaces with the Analog LaunchPAD GUI tool.