SNOAA83 December   2021 TLV3601 , TLV3601-Q1 , TLV3603 , TLV3603-Q1


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  2.   Design Steps
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Design Goals

System Supply Photodiode Input
Current Pulse Width
Transimpedance Amplifier Output Type Maximum Propagation Delay
5 V

3 ns

High Bandwidth 100-mV output swing Single-ended 4 ns

Design Description

LiDAR Receiver Circuit

This circuit must be able to detect a 3-ns pulse received on a photodiode from a light pulse. To do this, a transimpedance amplifier and a high-speed comparator are required. To meet the propagation delay requirement, this design uses the OPA858 5.5-GHz gain bandwidth product, decompensated transimpedance amplifier with FET inputs and the TLV3601 2.5-ns high-speed rail-to-rail comparator with push-pull outputs.

Design Notes

  1. Select a high-speed comparator that has narrow pulse width detection capability better than 3 ns
  2. Derive the reference for the transimpedance amplifier and comparator from the same voltage source
  3. Verify stability of the transimpedance amplifier configuration with selected photodiode