SSZTB31 july   2016 AM5716 , AM5718 , AM5726 , AM5728


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    2.     What Is Clove?
    3.     Are There Any Market Trends That Were Driving the Development of This Product?  Were Your Customers Asking for This?
    4.     What Features of the TI Devices Were Important to Your Product (On-chip Peripherals, Low Power, Price, Performance, Etc)?
    5.     What Were You Able to Do/enable with the TI Solution That You Weren’t Able to Do before?
    6.     What Are the Advantages of Sitara AM57x Processors?
    7.     To Learn More about Clove and AM57x Processors Visit the below Links:
Technical Article

Clove: Low-Power Video Solutions Based on Sitara™︎ AM57x Processors