Apruve line of credit

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What are “net 30” terms?

Net 30 terms means you have 30 calendar days from the day the financial invoice is generated to pay your invoice amount. Financial invoices are generated once your order ships.

Apruve line of credit (i.e. net 30 terms)

Apruve is a platform TI uses to manage their terms and invoicing program for online purchases. If approved, apruve manages invoices, payments, and payment reminders for TI.com purchases made with net 30 terms.

Learn more about how to apply for a line of credit with apruve. 

How do I use Apruve to place an order?

To place an order on TI.com using your apruve account, select shipping to a “Business” in the shipping and billing address section. Once you get to the payment section of checkout, select the blue apruve button. Click continue with apruve. Click the blue apruve button, log in with your apruve username and password and confirm your payment.

What currency will my Apruve invoices be in?

You will only be able to view your Apruve invoices in the currency your Apruve account is set up in. To see the available currencies and regions Apruve is offered in, please view this page. 

What if my credit application is declined?

If your application is declined, you cannot purchase using Apruve. View more information here on Apruve’s website for the additional steps you can take if your application is declined. 

How do I add people to my purchasing team?

To add more people to your Apruve account so they can purchase, follow the steps here on Apruve’s website.

How do I pay an invoice or a statement?

Depending on the region your account is set up in, payment instructions for Apruve invoices can vary. Find your region on this Apruve page under the invoices section for more information.

How can I convert my USD account to a EUR account?

If you would like to convert your existing USD Apruve account to EUR so you can purchase, invoice and make payments in euros, view the steps you must take on Apruve’s website, located here.

Why is my account suspended?

If one or more invoice(s) has not been paid within 30 days after the due date listed on your invoice, your account will be suspended. To view more information on why your account was suspended and the actions you can take to get it reactivated, visit Apruve’s website here

How can I increase my credit limit?

- To increase your credit limit, follow the steps here on Apruve’s website.