TI DLP® registered trademark requirements and guidelines

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TI DLP® registered trademark terms of use

Customers who manufacture, sell and develop products using DLP® technology and wish to use DLP registered and unregistered trademarks, logos, icons, or images in promotional, advertising, instructional, or reference materials, or on their websites, products labels, or packaging must follow these guidelines. If you have a separate license agreement with TI relating to DLP registered trademarks, see the guidelines in your license agreement. If you are not a manufacturer of products with DLP technology or do not have a separate license agreement with TI, use the guidelines on this page.

Why use the DLP registered trademark and logos?


Consumer confidence

DLP technology delivers a vivid and crisp display.


Product differentiation

A trusted technology that offers a unique experience to consumers.


Enhance findability

Quickly search and identify products using DLP technology.

DLP registered trademark guidelines

If you plan to sell projectors that include DLP technology, you must meet two requirements to use the DLP registered trademark on your products and advertisements:

  • Your product must include an optical module sold by any of the authorized companies listed in the DLP-OMM-SEARCH guide.
  • You have completed the authorization form and received authorization from Texas Instruments via email, including a URL with approved artwork and messaging.

When selling end equipments that include DLP technology, proper use of the DLP trademark is required. Read these documents for more guidance on how to use the primary DLP registered trademark:

These additional trademarks must be used in addition to the primary DLP technology trademark if referencing BrilliantColor, Intellibright or Darkchip4. Read these guidelines for further information:

The TI DLP Cinema® name may only be associated with DLP Cinema projectors that are manufactured by TI DLP Cinema licensed customers, and are DCI compliant (d-cinema projectors).

TI DLP Cinema brand and logo requires a license, obtained via written permission from TI. If you are interested in obtaining a license to use the TI DLP Cinema brand and logo, email dlpbrand@list.ti.com. Download the brand and logo guidelines for DLP Cinema products for more information.