Terms & policies

Terms & policies

What is an End Use Certificate (EUC)? Why am I being asked to provide an End Use Certificate (EUC)?

An End Use Certificate (EUC) is a declaration of the application/end equipment in which you intend to use this product. If this has been requested, it is a requirement for TI to process and ship your order. This document should be written on an official company letterhead, list the orderable part names and quantities being requested, and be signed by a company officer.

Typically you are asked to provide an EUC when:

  • Your company information could not be verified because you abbreviated your contact or company name on your shipping or end customer address
  • You did not provide a valid company URL on your ship-to or end customer address
  • Your company's primary line of business is military or nuclear based
  • Your business is considered a foreign government entity
  • You have selected an end equipment that is considered military in nature
  • One or more of the products you are ordering is a controlled electronic device

TI is required to obtain an EUC to verify all shipping and contact information. In addition, TI must have a written verification that the electronic products being sampled are not being used in a military or nuclear application by a foreign government entity.

Why is my region excluded from the region list?

There are multiple government regulations or TI policies determine what countries are supported. If your region is not on the region drop down list, we are unable to ship to that location. You may contact one of the TI Authorized Semiconductor Distributors in your region for TI devices.

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