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South Korea credit cards

South Korea credit cards

Customers in South Korea can now use South Korean WON (KRW) currency to check out with Korea issued credit cards through our 3rd party payment processor KCP.

What South Korean credit cards can I use to make a purchase?

The following credit cards are available during checkout: BC, Hyundai, Samsung, Shinhan, Lotte, KB, NH, Hana, +Citi, Woori and more

What are the steps for checking out with Korea-issued credit cards and receiving a credit card sales receipt for VAT tax claim?

When checking out in KRW currency you will select Korea-issued cards, click next and then click “Place order.”  You will be re-directed to the KCP website to complete your credit card payment.  KCP is Texas Instruments Korea, Ltd. credit card payment processor in South Korea.  You will be re-directed to the English KCP page and you will be able to change your language to Korean.

Step 1: Select Korea-issued cards 

Step 2: Click Place order

Step 3: KCP website for credit card payment processing

The item number is your TI.com order number.  Click “Submit” to move forward to credit card selection and payment.  You will not need the Order ID number to find any additional information about your order on TI.com.  Please note, the Customer field will be blank.

Step 4: Korea-issued credit card selection

You will be required to agree to Terms and Conditions and select your credit card name for payment.  If the value of the order is above 50,000 WON, you will have the ability to chose to pay in one lump sum or in installments.  If the order is below 50,000 WON you will only pay with a lump sum.  You will not have any information provided in the Service Period section of the page.  Once you select Next, you will be provided instructions to complete the credit card payment process through the credit card provider chosen.

Step 5: Security software download

If you have not previously completed a payment using KCP for other business or personal purchases, you may be required to execute a one-time security software download on your computer.  Once you select your credit card and start the process to authorize your payment, you will be notified that the download will be required and instructions will be provided by the credit card provider.  If you continue to have any issues, please contact your credit card issuer for assistance.  In some cases (for e.g. Internet Explorer), additional software may be required.

Step 6: Korea-issued credit card payment completion 

You will have a final review of the payment prior to submitting.  Please note, the E-mail address displayed is the myTI email address used to login on TI.com to checkout.  This email address is used to send an automated payment confirmation email to you, which will allow you to email or print your credit card sales receipt.  If you change the email address there is a possibility, you will not receive the automated email and will need to contact TI customer support for help or visit the KCP website to locate your credit card sale receipt.  Email addresses longer than 37 characters cannot be used.  

Step 7: Automated email for access to your credit card sales receipt

The automated email will only be provided in Korean language.  You can choose to review, print or email your self an English version of the sales receipt.  You should receive the automated email in 15 minutes or less after you complete the payment submission.  If you do not receive the automated email, please contact TI customer support or you can visit the KCP website to locate your credit card sale receipt.

Step 8 and 9: Retrieving your credit card sales receipt from the automated email

You will click on print sales slip to gain access to your receipt.  

You will have three options to choose from to gain access to your credit card sales receipt using your buyer name, order value, email address and or credit card number.

You will now be able to view your credit card sales receipt in English or Korean and can choose to print or email a copy. 

You will now be able to view your credit card sales receipt in English or Korean and can choose to print or email a copy. 

Step 10: Alternate method for retrieving your credit card sales receipt

If you do not receive an automated email to access your credit card sales receipt you can visit the KCP website to locate your credit card sale receipt. You can also locate the link to the KCP website in your order history. 

Step 11: Korea issued credit card refunds

If you are granted a refund on your online order, you will automatically receive an automated email to access your updated credit card receipt following the steps outlined above.  Our refund policy is located in this FAQ.

What are the main changes to processing payment using KRW?

If you purchase in KRW with DDP incoterms, TI‘s selling entity will be Texas Instruments Korea Ltd. Invoicing will be done according to local tax regulations and you will see a 10% VAT tax charged during checkout. Texas Instruments Korea Ltd will be responsible for customs clearance into South Korea. Also, with KRW transaction, you will not pay additional exchange rate fees from credit card payments nor experience a fluctuating price based on the exchange rate in real-time. 

What is the exchange rate used for the price in KRW?

TI.com uses the updated exchange rate from the Bloomberg currency report on a daily basis. 

How do I download a quotation of my cart?

You can do this on the cart page by clicking download cart. If you prefer including the PO reference number and end customer name, please insert the information in the fields provided on the cart before you click on the download menu.