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Power management

DC/DC buck-boost, inverting or split-rail products

Multiple configurations and sizes to meet your design needs

Deliver maximum power without draining battery life. TI’s buck-boost, inverting and split-rail products simplify power supply design with integrated components that help you shrink overall solution size, minimize power loss and extend battery life for a wide range of electronic devices. Choose from our broad portfolio of products that feature low quiescent current, high power density and low EMI.

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buck-boost products

Buck-boost products

Efficient converters and controllers enable you to create either boost or buck output voltage that combines tiny solution size and high performance.

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Inverting products

Inverting products

Inverting and efficient controllers and converters create an inverted output voltage rail with the smallest solution size and highest performance.

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Split-rail products

Split-rail products

Flexible, efficient and integrated split-rail DC/DC converters create a regulated positive and negative output from one input rail in a single device.

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Buck-boost converters

Efficient and small buck-boost, inverting or split-rail solutions with an integrated switch.

Buck-boost controllers

Buck-boost controllers for use with external FET switches.

Buck-boost modules

Buck-boost, inverting modules and split-rail solutions.

Power trends

Power management is at the center of enabling the continued integration of electronics in our lives. For decades, TI has been at the forefront of developing new process, packaging and circuit-design technologies to deliver the best power devices for your design. Check out our featured DC/DC buck-boost regulators below, designed to help you address power density, EMI and quiescent current challenges.

Buck-boost & inverting regulators for power density

Your power design needs high-power outputs in small spaces with minimum heat, and our high-efficiency products allow us to address those thermal issues in space-constrained applications. Our buck-boost regulators harness multiple leading power technologies for the most power-dense, size-optimized and best thermal performance solutions. Our ultra-efficient controllers and integrated converters can help you meet any design goal.


36-V, 16-A buck-boost converter with programmable power supply (PPS) control


55-V wide VIN, synchronous 4-switch buck-boost controller


2.5-A high-efficient buck-boost converter with optimized load-step response in tiny WCSP

Buck-boost & inverting regulators for low EMI

Mitigating buck-boost regulator EMI is a major challenge for many power supply designs. Our devices and designs are validated for required CISPR performance to minimize EMI, output ripple, audible noise and other drawbacks of using a DC/DC switcher. Our industry-leading dual random spread-spectrum technology mitigates EMI by spreading energy in multiple bands of interest using two random frequency generators.


55-V wide VIN, synchronous 4-switch buck-boost controller


36-V, 16-A buck-boost converter with programmable power supply (PPS) control


Automotive, multiphase bidirectional current controller

Buck-boost & inverting regulators for low IQ

Your power design requires efficiency across the entire load range to extend battery life. Our buck-boost devices get the most out of a battery by responding to draining voltage inputs and our ultra-low IQ buck-boost regulators minimize the amount of quiescent current draw at light loads or while disconnected. 


400-mA, 75-nA IQ buck-boost converter, 1.8-V to 5.5- VIN, input current limit and dynamic voltage scaling


2-A, high-efficient, 11-µA quiescent current buck-boost converter in QFN/DFN package


2.5-A high-efficient buck-boost converter with I²C interface for dynamic voltage scaling

Buck-boost & inverting design resources

Reduce development time with our end-to-end power-supply design tool.

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