Achieve higher effiency, reduce THD, and improve power density with our PFC and LLC controllers

Zero-voltage switching, noise immunity, optimized load performance

Paired together, our PFC and LLC controllers offer best in class performance for power rsupplies ranging from 100W to 2-kW. With features like zero-voltage switching, low EMI, high FSW capability, and optomized load performance, LLC controllers offer excellent audible noise immunity while delivering integarted features to simplify system designs. Our PFC controller portfolio delivers the highest efficiency, reduced standby, superiour power factor, and improved distortion which meet challenging standards for switch-mode power supplies (SMPS).  

Featured PFC & LLC controllers

Design & development resources

Evaluation board
UCC25660 evaluation module
The UCC25660EVM-064 assists designers to evaluate the operation and performance of the UCC25660 LLC resonant controller. This evaluation module (EVM) demonstrates how UCC25660 controls the LLC resonant half-bridge DC/DC converter to achieve high efficiency throughout the load and input voltage (...)
Reference design
180-W universal input PFC + LLC TV power supply reference design
This AC to DC power supply design for TV application provides 12-V, 5-A and 150-V, 0.8-A output from universal AC voltage (90 Vac to 264 Vac). The design uses CRM/DCM PFC controller UCC28056, and LLC controller UCC256404 with enhanced burst mode which enabled for low standby power and smaller (...)
Evaluation board
AC to isolated DC EVM with UCC28056B, UCC256404 and UCC24624

PFCLLCSREVM034 is a 168-W AC/DC supply with a transition-mode power-factor-correction front end and isolated half-bridge LLC resonant converter with synchronous rectification. This EVM accepts AC input from 90 Vrms to 264 Vrms and outputs 12-V DC with 168-W full-load output power.

Technical resources

Implementation of wide output LLC in power tool charging and LED lighting applications
This video session will cover practical implementations and design considerations of achieving a variable output voltage using LLC.
Application note
Application note
Improving Transient Response in LLC Converters Using Hybrid Hysteretic Control (Rev. B)
Learn how an innovative LLC control methodology, hybrid hysteretic control (HHC)  offers superior transient performance and an simplified LLC power stage.
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Video series
Video series
Power factor correction (PFC) basics and design considerations
This video series discusses PFC basics, topology comparisons, and design considerations to achieve a cost-optomizeda and efficienct PFC design.