CC2564MODNEM Dual-mode Bluetooth® CC2564 module evaluation board angled board image


Dual-mode Bluetooth® CC2564 module evaluation board


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Features for the CC2564MODNEM

  • CC2564MODN device in the QFM (MOE) package
  • Bluetooth Specification v4.1
  • Dual mode: Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy
  • FCC, IC, CE certified
  • Class 1.5 Transmit Power (10 dBm)
  • High sensitivity (-93 dBm typical)
  • UART interface: control and data
  • PCM/I2S interface: voice and audio
  • 4-layer PCB design
  • 1.8-V LDO regulator (LP2985-18)
  • 3 voltage level translators (SN74AVC4T774)
  • Chip antenna (LTA-5320-2G4S3-A1) and RF connector (U.FL-R-SMT-1)
  • EM connectors that plug directly into our hardware development kits:
  • COM connector
  • Certified and royalty-free TI Bluetooth Stack

Description for the CC2564MODNEM

The CC2564MODNEM evaluation board contains the CC2564MODN device and is intended for evaluation and design purposes.

For a complete evaluation solution, the CC2564MODNEM board plugs directly into our hardware development kits: MSP-EXP430F5529, MSP-EXP430F5438, DK-TM4C129X and kits for our other MCUs. A certified and royalty-free TI Bluetooth® Stack is available for MSP430™ MCUs (CC256XMSPBTBLESW), TM4C12x MCUs (CC256XM4BTBLESW) and other MCUs (CC256XSTBTBLESW).

The CC2564MODNEM hardware design files (schematics, layout and BOM) are provided as a reference to help with the implementation of the CC2564MODN device.

The CC2564MODN device is a complete Bluetooth BR/EDR and LE HCI solution based on our CC2564B dual-mode Bluetooth single-chip device, which reduces design effort and enables fast time to market. The CC2564MODN device includes our seventh-generation Bluetooth core and provides a product-proven solution that is Bluetooth 4.1 compliant. The CC2564MDON device provides best-in-class RF performance with a transmit power and receive sensitivity that provides twice the range compared to other Bluetooth LE-only solutions. Our power-management hardware and software algorithms provide significant power savings in all commonly used Bluetooth BR/EDR and LE modes of operation.


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