TMDSFSIADAPEVM Fast serial interface (FSI) adapter board evaluation module angled board image


Fast serial interface (FSI) adapter board evaluation module


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Features for the TMDSFSIADAPEVM

Hardware features
    • TMDSFSIADAPEVM fast serial interface (FSI) adapter board evaluation module is compatible with various controlCARDs, LaunchPads, and other FSI enabled EVMs
    • Digital Isolation using ISO7763
    • LVDS and RS485 differential drivers, which enable FSI communications over long distances
    • RJ45 connectors to enable the connection of networkable nodes over FSI using commonly
      available CAT5 cables

Software features (Free download)
    • Code Composer Studio – integrated development environment for TI microcontrollers and embedded processors.
    • C2000Ware SDK – low level device drivers and examples

Technical support
    • For any question on reference design and software, please post the questions on the TI C2000 e2e forum

Description for the TMDSFSIADAPEVM

Faster, cheaper, more robust: achieve 200 Mbps throughput across isolation with new serial communication technology – Fast Serial Interface (FSI)

FSI is a low signal count serial communications peripheral, available on C2000 Real-Time Control Microcontrollers (MCU), which offers low-cost reliable communications with higher throughput compared to other serial peripherals, up to 200 Mbps. With the ability to pass time critical data between devices with low latency, FSI enables new topologies and methods of decentralizing processing, sensing, and actuation within a control system. Being designed to work with isolation devices FSI can provide high speed communications between the “hot” (high voltage) and “cold” (low voltage) sides of a system.

The FSI adapter board is an evaluation board that assists in understanding the functionality of the C2000’s FSI communications peripheral. It enables evaluation of the peripheral for decentralized and point-to-point real-time control system use cases, such as those in industrial drives, servo (see Multi-Axis Servo over FSI Reference Design), sensing networks, and solar system and industrial power.

The FSI adapter board includes on-board reference solutions common across power electronics, such as isolated power biasing, digital isolation, and differential line drivers and receivers (high-speed LVDS and medium speed RS485). They are integrated into one adapter board to experiment with the FSI serial port in an on-board or board-to-board system. See the C2000™ Real-Time Control Peripheral Reference Guide for C2000™ product families that have the FSI peripheral included.


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