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TMDXEVM6474 Software



AET Target Library for 64x/64x+ - Advanced Event Triggering that allows programming of AET from target code.

Chip Support Library (CSL) - Provides an application programming interface (API) used for configuring and controlling the DSP on-chip peripherals for ease of use and hardware abstraction.

DSP/BIOS™ Kernel - A real-time operating system that provides pre-emptive multitasking services for DSP devices. DSP/BIOS services include ISR dispatching, tasks, software interrupts, semaphores, messages, device I/O, memory management, and power management. In addition, DSP/BIOS kernel also includes debug instrumentation and tooling, including low-overhead printfs and statistics gathering.

DSP/BIOS Message Queue Transports - Enables variable-length messages to be passed transparently between DSP/BIOS executions threads on the same core, between cores, and between processors via SRIO.

EDMA LLD - This EDMA3 Low Level Driver supports device drivers and applications in submitting and synchronizing EDMA3 based DMA transfers.

Network Developers Kit - The NDK comprises of a TCP/IP Stack and a set of Networking Applications. It has been designed to work on top of DSP/BIOS RTOS and meant for development of IP network enabled end products based on any DSP in TMS320C6000™ DSP platform.

Trace CSV Scripts - Collection of Perl scripts that do post processing on data generated from trace. Examples include Thread level profiling, statistical profiling, and pipeline stall analysis.

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TMS320C6474  Multicore Digital Signal Processor  Digital signal processors (DSP) 

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