ISO723X724XEVM Evaluation Module
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The ISO723X724X evaluation module (EVM) supports the rapid, parametric evaluation of the Triple and Quad Digital Isolators. The EVM will be delivered with an ISO7241C soldered on the board. If another device is desired, please order samples from If you do not have the capability to remove and install devices, please contact Technical Support at the link on this page. This EVM is intended to be used with the ISO7240C, ISO7241C, ISO7242C, ISO7240M, ISO7241M, ISO7242M (SLLS868F), the ISO7240A, ISO7241A, ISO7242A (SLLS905), the ISO7230A, ISO7231A (SLLS906), and ISO7230C, ISO7231C, ISO7230M, ISO7231M (SLLS867). Note that this EVM is not intended for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests.

  • Low Channel-to-Channel Output Skew; 1ns Maximum
  • Low Pulse-Width Distortion (PWD); 2 ns Maximum
  • Low Jitter Content; 1 ns Typ at 150 Mbps
  • Typical 25-Year Life at Rated Working Voltage (see Application note SLLA197 and Figure 10)
  • 4000-V peak Isolation; 560-V peak V IROM
    • UL 1577, IEC 60747-5-2 (VDE 0884, Rev 2), IE 61010-1 and CSA Approved
  • 4 kV ESD Protection
  • Operate With 3.3-V or 5-V Supplies
  • High Electromagnetic Immunity (See Application note SLLA181)
  • 40 degrees C to 125 degrees C Operating Range
    • Industrial Fieldbus
    • Computer Peripheral Interface
    • Servo Control Interface
    • Data Acquisition

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IO723X724XEVM Evaluation Module



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PDF 997 27 Sep 2011
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TI Devices (17)

Part Number Name Product Family
ISO7230C  Triple-channel, 3/0, 25-Mbps digital isolator  Isolation 
ISO7230M  Triple-channel, 3/0, 150-Mbps digital isolator  Isolation 
ISO7231C  Triple-channel, 2/1, 25-Mbps digital isolator  Isolation 
ISO7231C-Q1  Automotive, triple-channel, 2/1, 25-Mbps digital isolator  Isolation 
ISO7231M  Triple-channel, 2/1, 150-Mbps digital isolator  Isolation 
ISO7240C  Quad-channel, 4/0, 25-Mbps digital isolator  Isolation 
ISO7240M  Quad-channel, 4/0, 150-Mbps digital isolator  Isolation 
ISO7241C  Quad-channel, 3/1, 25-Mbps digital isolator  Isolation 
ISO7241M  Quad-channel, 3/1, 150-Mbps digital isolator  Isolation 
ISO7242C  Quad-channel, 2/2, 25-Mbps digital isolator  Isolation 
ISO7242C-Q1  Automotive, quad-channel, 2/2, 25-Mbps digital isolator  Isolation 
ISO7242M  Quad-channel, 2/2, 150-Mbps digital isolator  Isolation 
ISO7631FC  Triple-channel, 2/1, 25-Mbps, default output low digital isolator  Isolation 
ISO7631FM  Triple-channel, 2/1, 150-Mbps, default output low digital isolator  Isolation 
ISO7640FM  Quad-channel, 4/0, 150-Mbps, default output low digital isolator  Isolation 
ISO7641FC  Quad-channel, 3/1, 25-Mbps, default output low digital isolator  Isolation 
ISO7641FM  Quad-channel, 3/1, 150-Mbps, default output low digital isolator  Isolation 

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