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Keynote Photonics offers a number of optical engine options, featuring DLP4500/DLPC350 DLP® chipset.

The LC4500-RGB optical engine provides a full color, high resolution projector for your display applications. Excellent uniformity and short focus capability enable a wide range of applications. The LC4500 electronics contain all the power and capability of Texas Instruments’ reference design and more: multiple control options, Beaglebone Black compatibility, and custom GUI. An embedded TI MSP430™ is also available to manage the DLPC350 and set different operating modes, configure external GPIO, or manage the three channel LED drivers. Both USB and UART interfaces are available.

The LC4500-UV/B optical engine, coupled with the LC4500 electronics, provides users with a compact all-in-one solution for UV exposure and 3D measurement. The LC4500-UV optical engine uses a single color LED and on-axis projection to provide maximum power with high uniformity. The standard engine includes a 405nm UV LED. However, other wavelengths (blue, green, red) may be substituted to suit your specific application.

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High-speed visible chipsets
DLP4500 DLP® 0.45 WXGA DMD DLPC350 Digital Controller for DLP4500 DMD and DLP4500NIR DMD


Near-infrared (NIR) chipsets

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Optical module

LC4500-RGB-EKT – Flexlight LC4500 BeagleBone Black Controller

Optical module

LC4500-M8-UV-405 – LC4500 405NM UV Projector

Optical module

LC4500-P5 – LC4500-RGB Industrial Projector

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Technical documentation

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User guide DLPC350 Programmer’s Guide (Rev. G) Jul. 05, 2018

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DLPR350 DLPC350 Configuration and Support Firmware

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Third-party support
TI does not offer ongoing direct design support for this hardware. For support while working through your design, contact Keynote Photonics.



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