ADAS Sensor Interconnect Reference Design Board for Remote Camera and Radar Modules


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The ADAS Sensor Interconnect Board is intended for applications where remote sensors like cameras, LIDAR or radar modules need to be connected to a central processing ECU. The board supports up to 3 coaxial and 1 LVDS twisted pair data inputs as well as 3 FMC cable and 1 board to board connector as data outputs to a processing ECU.  Camera or other sensor modules connected through the coax connector (SMB standard) are powered directly via the coaxial cable (power over coax) from the interconnect board. Because of an independent complete power solution for all ICs and power over coax on board, a single car battery or similar wide voltage supply can be directly connected to the power connector on the ADAS Sensor Interconnect Board. An on-board uC and LIN interface allow control and configuration of the Interconnect board as well as plug-and-play operation.

  • 3 High Speed FPD-III serial inputs each supporting a camera with bidirectional control, power and video link on a single coax cable with up to 1.4Gbps
  • Supplies up to 3 remote camera modules via power over coax (5V or 8V selectable)
  • Additional FPD-III serial input supporting a remote radar module with bidirectional control and 3Gbps data using STP cable
  • Built in self test (BIST) of all 4 serial inputs
  • Module can be supplied with a single voltage or directly from the car battery
  • This circuit is tested and includes Design considerations
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    A fully assembled board has been developed for testing and performance validation only, and is not available for sale.

    Design files & products

    Design files

    Download ready-to-use system files to speed your design process.

    TIDU507.PDF (330 K)

    Test results for the reference design, including efficiency graphs, test prerequisites and more

    TIDRA74.PDF (1609 K)

    Detailed schematic diagram for design layout and components

    TIDRAA0.PDF (228 K)

    Complete listing of design components, reference designators, and manufacturers/part numbers

    TIDC587.ZIP (4203 K)

    Design file that contains information on physical board layer of design PCB


    Includes TI products in the design and potential alternatives.

    Analog current-sense amplifiers

    INA200-Q1AEC-Q100, -16 to 80V, 500kHz current sense amplifier w/ comparator

    Data sheet: PDF | HTML
    Automotive LED drivers

    TPIC28108-bit LED driver with I2C interface

    Data sheet: PDF
    Boost converters (integrated switch)

    TPS55340-Q1Integrated, 5-A 40-V wide input range boost/SEPIC/flyback DC/DC regulator, AEC-Q100 qualified

    Data sheet: PDF | HTML
    Buck converters (integrated switch)

    TPS62133A-Q13V - 17V 3A AUTOMOTIVE Step-Down Converter In 3X3 QFN Package

    Data sheet: PDF
    Buck converters (integrated switch)

    TPS62153A-Q13–17V 1A Automotive Step-Down Converter in 3x3 QFN package

    Data sheet: PDF
    Buck converters (integrated switch)

    TPS62160-Q13V-17V 1A Automotive Step-Down Converters in 2x2SON

    Data sheet: PDF
    Buck converters (integrated switch)

    TPS621723–17V 0.5A Step-Down Converter in 2x2 QFN package

    Data sheet: PDF | HTML
    FPD-Link SerDes

    DS90UB914A-Q125-100MHz 10/12-Bit FPD-Link III Deserializer

    Data sheet: PDF | HTML
    FPD-Link SerDes

    DS90UB926Q-Q15-85 MHz 24-bit Color FPD-Link III Deserializer with Bidirectional Control Channel

    Data sheet: PDF | HTML
    I2C & I3C level shifters, buffers & hubs

    PCA9306-Q1Automotive 2-bit bidirectional 400-kHz I2C/SMBus voltage level translator

    Data sheet: PDF | HTML
    Inverting buffers & drivers

    SN74AHC1G04-Q1Automotive single 2-V to 5.5-V inverter

    Data sheet: PDF | HTML
    LIN transceivers

    SN65HVDA100-Q1LIN Physical Interface

    Data sheet: PDF | HTML
    MSP430 microcontrollers

    MSP430F227416 MHz MCU with 32KB Flash, 1KB SRAM, 10-bit ADC, 2 OpAmp, I2C/SPI/UART

    Data sheet: PDF
    Shunt voltage references

    TLVH431A-Q1Automotive, low-voltage adjustable precision shunt regulator

    Data sheet: PDF
    USB power switches & charging port controllers

    TPS2553-Q1Automotive 0.075-1.3A adj. ILIMIT, 2.5-6.5V, 85-mΩ USB power switch, active-high, reverse blocking

    Data sheet: PDF | HTML
    USB redrivers & multiplexers

    TS3USB221A-Q1Automotive ESD Protected,High-Speed USB 2.0 (480-Mbps) 1:2 Multiplexer/Demultiplexer Switch

    Data sheet: PDF | HTML

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    User guide TIDA-00271 Design Considerations Aug. 26, 2014
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