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This reference design provides a way of generating alarms similar to as described in the IEC60601-1-8 standard for medical devices. The critical timing parameters are programmable through firmware. All parameters, including pulse width, pulse rate, internal frequency, pulse rise time, volume control, and priority, are controlled using firmware. The analog envelope is generated by a combination of the MSP430FR2311 and analog circuitry.

  • Provides a mechanism to generate auditory alarm tones with programmable timing and frequency
  • Outputs low-, medium-, and high-priority alarms with software-adjustable rise/fall time, pulse duration, pulse spacing, and burst spacing
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Powered by USB port on PC
  • Outputs 8 different alarm melodies
  • Coincidence detector confirms if speaker is outputting correct sound
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A fully assembled board has been developed for testing and performance validation only, and is not available for sale.

Design files & products

Design files

Download ready-to-use system files to speed your design process.

TIDUEJ7.PDF (18122 K)

Reference design overview and verified performance test data


Detailed schematic diagram for design layout and components


Complete listing of design components, reference designators, and manufacturers/part numbers


Detailed overview of design layout for component placement

TIDRYF1.ZIP (2104 K)

Files used for 3D models or 2D drawings of IC components

TIDCF63.ZIP (926 K)

Design file that contains information on physical board layer of design PCB


PCB layer plot file used for generating PCB design layout


Includes TI products in the design and potential alternatives.

Analog switches & muxes

TMUX10725-V, 2:1 (SPDT), 2-channel analog switch with powered-off protection

Data sheet: PDF | HTML
Analog switches & muxes

TS5A231575-V, 2:1 (SPDT), 2-channel analog switch

Data sheet: PDF | HTML

LM393-NLow Power Low Offset Voltage Dual Comparator

Data sheet: PDF | HTML
General-purpose op amps

TLV9062Dual, 5.5-V, 10-MHz operational amplifier

Data sheet: PDF | HTML
Linear & low-dropout (LDO) regulators

TLV704150-mA 24-V ultra-low-IQ low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulator

Data sheet: PDF | HTML
Speaker amps

TPA2005D11.4-W, mono analog input class-d speaker amp with 1.8-V logic compatibility on shutdown pin

Data sheet: PDF | HTML
Speaker amps

TPA6211A13.1-W, mono, analog input Class-AB audio amplifier

Data sheet: PDF | HTML
XOR (exclusive OR) gates

SN74AHCT1G86Single 2-input, 4.5-V to 5.5-V XOR (exclusive OR) gate with TTL-compatible CMOS inputs

Data sheet: PDF | HTML

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