Configurable Stepper Driver for HVAC Louver and Motor Control Reference Design


Design files


This reference design provides a flexible stepper motor system designed to drive up to two stepper motors, or 8 peripherals, while reducing the number of GPIOs needed from the host controller reducing overall cost. The system is suitable for applications requiring stepper motors or coils up to 50V, and a max current of 2.5A (with all channels  enabled). This design features multiple configurations for outputs, allowing multiple peripherals to be driven (i.e. 1 motor, 1 buzzer, 1 relay, and 2 LEDs). It is adaptable to automated louver control in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems as well as control of relays, buzzers, and LEDs. This concept could also be more broadly expanded to drive any number of channels for other building automation designs including louver control in smart ventilation systems, automated window blind tilting, as well as pan and tilt control for IP cameras.

  • Subsystem Adaptable to a Wide Range of Building Automation Applications
  • Only 3 GPIO Pins Required to Drive Any Multiple of 8 Channels
  • Expandable to Desired Number of Drive Channels
  • Adaptable across a wide range of drive applications - stepper motors, relays, LEDs
  • High-Voltage (up to 50V), High-Current (up to 500mA per channel) drive outputs
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Design files & products

Design files

Download ready-to-use system files to speed your design process.

TIDUC76.PDF (1424 K)

Reference design overview and verified performance test data


Detailed schematic diagram for design layout and components


Complete listing of design components, reference designators, and manufacturers/part numbers


Detailed overview of design layout for component placement


Files used for 3D models or 2D drawings of IC components


Design file that contains information on physical board layer of design PCB

TIDRNQ7.PDF (1321 K)

PCB layer plot file used for generating PCB design layout


Includes TI products in the design and potential alternatives.

Low-side switches

ULN2003A50-V, 7-ch darlington transistor array, -20C to 70C

Data sheet: PDF | HTML

CSD17571Q230-V, N channel NexFET™ power MOSFET, single SON 2 mm x 2 mm, 29 mOhm

Data sheet: PDF | HTML
MSP430 microcontrollers

MSP430F552925 MHz MCU with 128KB Flash, 8KB SRAM, 12-bit ADC, comparator, DMA, UART/SPI/I2C, USB, HW multiplier

Data sheet: PDF | HTML
Shift registers

SN74HC5958-bit shift registers with 3-state output registers

Data sheet: PDF | HTML

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Development kit

BOOSTXL-ULN2003 — Dual Stepper Motor Driver BoosterPack featuring ULN2003 and CSD17571Q2 NexFET™

The BOOSTXL-ULN2003 is 2A stepper motor driver kit which features TI's ULN2003A bipolar transistor array and the CSD1751Q2 NexFET™. This BoosterPack™ contains everything needed to drive up to 2 stepper motors or 8 channels, with up to 30V and supports both serial and parallel (...)

User guide: PDF
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BOOSTXL-ULN2003 Dual Stepper Motor Driver BoosterPack featuring ULN2003 and CSD17571Q2 NexFET™

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