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This reference design is inspired by the need to monitor the health of motors and machines to accurately predict and schedule maintenance (or replacement) while minimizing cost and downtime during industrial production. Millions of industrial motors are monitored today with handheld or wired piezo accelerometer sensing devices. Recent advancements in ultra-low-power processing technologies, radios, and piezo sensor miniaturization have enabled the development and deployment of low-cost, small motor monitors with wireless capabilities. These wireless motor monitors are powered by coin cells that have a battery life of more than 10 years. These systems provide the same broadband sensitivity as existing handheld systems, collect vibrational data and perform spectral analyses on that data. This integrated intelligence lets you deploy and monitor these systems in difficult-to-reach locations. The wireless motor-monitoring reference design uses two different, yet electrically equivalent, form factors for development and testing.

These form factors include:

  • Modular form factor
  • Compact form factor

In the modular form factor, TI LaunchPad™ development kits and EM connectors allow you to incorporate multiple radios and processors with energy-management and sensor subsystems. The compact form factor uses the MSP430™FR5969 ultra-low-power microcontroller unit (MCU) with a CC2650 BLE radio, but can be connected to multiple sensor boards. The standard sensor board supports a PCB piezotronic vibration sensor.

The 30-pin expansion connector on the small form factor board enables the base-board to be operated with the MCU, the CC2650 radio, or both. The system software assumes you are using both devices.

This reference design focuses on the compact form factor system.

  • 100-uA MSP MCU analyze/write
  • 6-mA Bluetooth® Low Energy radio
  • 40-nA system sleep
  • 10-KHz/16-bit vibration sensor
  • iPAD/Android visualization
  • Tested and includes firmware, GUI, demo and getting started guide
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A fully assembled board has been developed for testing and performance validation only, and is not available for sale.

Design files & products

Design files

Download ready-to-use system files to speed your design process.

TIDU886.PDF (2223 K)

Reference design overview and verified performance test data


Detailed schematic diagram for design layout and components


Complete listing of design components, reference designators, and manufacturers/part numbers


Detailed overview of design layout for component placement

TIDCA86.ZIP (1381 K)

Design file that contains information on physical board layer of design PCB

TIDREN7.PDF (1875 K)

PCB layer plot file used for generating PCB design layout


Includes TI products in the design and potential alternatives.

Battery charger ICs

BQ25570Ultra Low power Harvester power Management IC with boost charger, and Nanopower Buck Converter

Data sheet: PDF | HTML
Linear & low-dropout (LDO) regulators

TPS7A70023-A, low-VIN (1.4-V), adjustable ultra-low-dropout voltage regulator with enable

Data sheet: PDF | HTML
Load switches

TPS229695.5-V, 6-A, 4.4-mΩ load switch with output discharge

Data sheet: PDF | HTML
Low-power 2.4-GHz products

CC2650SimpleLink™ 32-bit Arm Cortex-M3 multiprotocol 2.4 GHz wireless MCU with 128kB Flash

Data sheet: PDF | HTML
MSP430 microcontrollers

MSP430FR596916 MHz MCU with 64KB FRAM, 2KB SRAM, AES, 12-bit ADC, comparator, DMA, UART/SPI/I2C, timer

Data sheet: PDF | HTML
Precision ADCs

ADS832016-Bit, High-Speed, 2.7V-to-5V Micropower Sampling Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)

Data sheet: PDF | HTML
Precision op amps (Vos<1mV)

LMP7716Dual precision, 17-MHz, low-noise, low bias current, CMOS input amplifier

Data sheet: PDF
Real-time clocks (RTCs) & timers

TPL5100Nano-powered programmable timer with power gating functionality and MOS driver

Data sheet: PDF | HTML

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