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Industrial Communications SDK for AM263Px

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Latest version
Version: 09.02.00
Release date: 14 Jun 2024
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Arm Cortex-R MCUs
AM263P4 Quad-core Arm® Cortex®-R5F MCU up to 400 MHz with real-time control and expandable memory
Hardware development
Evaluation board
LP-AM263P AM263Px Arm®-based MCU general-purpose LaunchPad™ development kit TMDSCNCD263P AM263Px general-purpose controlCARD™ development kit Arm®-based MCU


Documentation - START HERE

Download CCS 12.7.0 Version for Windows or Linux

Download TI ARM CLANG 3.2.2 LTS for Windows or Linux

Download SysConfig 1.20.0 for Windows or Linux

Industrial Communications SDK Manifest

Release Information

Thank you for your interest in the AM263Px Industrial Communications Software Development Kit (SDK). This software accelerates application development schedules by eliminating the need to create basic system software functions from scratch.

  • This SDK contains examples, libraries, and tools to develop RTOS-based Industrial Communication applications on PRU-ICSS.
  • The exact content of the SDK depends on the capabilities of the device, but all devices share common APIs and build on existing proven software components to ensure reliability and quality.
  • The software components are fully tested to ensure that they work together with TI’s Code Composer Studio integrated development environment.

What's new

  • EtherCAT SubDevice (Beckhoff SSC Demo) support