超低消費電力パワー・マネージメント IC、昇圧チャージャ Nano-Powered 降圧コンバータ評価モジュール




The bq25570 evaluation module (EVM) is a complete module for evaluating the bq25570 energy harvesting charger for storage elements like single-cell Li-Ion/Polymer batteries or super-capacitors. Intended to be powered by high impedance supplies, such as solar panels, thermo-electric generators (TEGs) or piezoelectric generators, the bq25570 regulates its input voltage so that it will not collapse its input source while charging the storage element up to a set voltage point. A power good output indicates when the charger’s storage element reaches a user set voltage level. The bq25570 has an integrated buck regulator that provides a regulated output from the charger output. With minimum changes, the EVM can also be configured as an ultra-low power boost converter, regulating the output voltage from a low impedance source, while simultaneously providing a second output voltage from the buck regulator.

  • Programmable input voltage regulation setting via jumpers or resistors
  • Programmable charger output voltage maximum setting via resistors (currently 4.2V)
  • Programmable charger output voltage maximum setting via resistors (currently 1.8V)
  • Programmable power good (BAT_OK) voltage setting via resistors (currently 3.0V)
  • Multiple jumpers, connectors and test points available


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  • Efficiency Nanopower Buck Converter
  • Efficiency Boost Converter Charger
  • Li ion Battery Charger
  • Lithium ion Charger 
バッテリ・チャージャ IC
BQ25570 昇圧チャージャとナノパワー降圧コンバータ搭載、超低消費電力、ハーベスト・パワー・マネージメント IC



BQ25570EVM-206 — 超低消費電力パワー・マネージメント IC、昇圧充電 IC、ナノパワー降圧コンバータの評価モジュール で取り扱いなし
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PWR206A Gerber Files SLUC505.ZIP (323 KB)


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種類 タイトル 英語版のダウンロード 日付
証明書 BQ25570EVM-206 EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) (Rev. D) 2019年 7月 30日
ユーザー・ガイド User's Guide for bq25570 Battery Charger Evaluation Module for Energy Harvesting (Rev. A) 2014年 8月 23日
その他の技術資料 Innovative Charging Solutions (Rev. C) 2014年 8月 18日


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