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The SimpleLink SDKs are updated regularly, to get the latest release updates click Alert Me above.

The CC3120 SDK contains drivers, many sample applications for Wi-Fi features and internet, and documentation needed to use the CC3120 Internet-on-a-chip™ solution. This SDK can be used with TI’s MSP432P401R LaunchPad, or SimpleLink Studio, a PC tool that allows MCU development with CC3120. You can also use the SDK as example code for any platform. All sample applications in the SDK are supported on TI’s MSP432P401R ultra-low-power MCUs with Code Composer Studio IDE and TI RTOS. In addition, many of the applications support IAR.

SimpleLink CC3210 Wi-FI SDK Plug-in

o Internet-on-a-chip sample applications

  • Email from SimpleLink Wi-Fi solution
  • Information center: get time and weather from the internet
  • https server: host a secure web page on SimpleLink Wi-Fi solution • XMPP: IM chat client
  • Serial interface

o Wi-Fi sample applications

  • Easy Wi-Fi configuration
  • Station, AP modes
  • Security –  Enterprise/Personal, TLS/SSL
  • Power management – Deep sleep, hibernate
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