TPS65910A3EVM-583: 統合型パワー・マネージメント・ユニット評価モジュール、DDR3 付属 AM335x 用




The TPS65910A3EVM-583 is a stand-alone module that demonstrates the functions of the integrated power management IC. It uses a USB-to-GPIO interface card (not included in the kit) to control the standard I2C interfaces in the TPS65910 device. It includes Windows compatible software to interface with the device. The sofware is a simple graphical user interface (GUI) that simplifies registers access for the IC. The software CD is not included in the kit. It must be downloaded from the TPS65910 product folder. This TPS65910A3EVM-583 board is populated with the TPS65910A3A1RSL which is designed for the AM335x Sitara processor with DDR3.

  • An EPC Two efficient step-down DCDC converters for processor cores
  • One efficient step-down DCDC converter for I/O power
  • One efficient step-up 5-V DCDC converter
  • SmartReflex-compliant dynamic voltage management for processor cores
  • Eight LDO voltage regulators and one RTC LDO (internal purpose)
  • One high-speed I2C interface for general-purpose control command
  • One high-speed I2C interface for SmartReflex (SR) class-3 control command
マルチチャネル IC (PMIC)
TPS65910 4 個の DC/DC と 8 個の LDO と RTC 搭載、6 x 6mm QFN 封止、統合型パワー・マネージメント IC (PMIC) ファミリ



TPS65910A3EVM-583 — TPS65910A3EVM-583: 統合型パワー・マネージメント・ユニット評価モジュール、DDR3 付属 AM335x 用 で取り扱いなし
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証明書 TPS65910A3EVM-583 EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) 2019年 1月 2日
ユーザー・ガイド TPS65910Ax User's Guide for AM335x Processors (Rev. F) 2017年 12月 8日
EVM ユーザー ガイド (英語) TPS65910 EVM User's Guide (Rev. F) 2013年 4月 12日


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