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Advance home and building automation with IP-based, low power wireless mesh technologies

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Thread enables smart locks, thermostats and other sensor or actuator devices to seamlessly integrate with existing cloud-based infrastructures and digital assistants. Our OpenThread examples on the SimpleLink™ wireless MCU portfolio offer sub 0.85-μA sleep current. Additionally, the SimpleLink™ portfolio supports the Matter connectivity standard (formerly known as Project CHIP) over Thread.

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Thread wireless microcontrollers

Improve your design with our broad portfolio of high-quality Thread wireless microcontrollers (MCUs). Key features include the flash memory up to 704 kB, a software-compatible portfolio and more. 

Matter wireless microcontrollers

Use our innovative portfolio of wireless microcontrollers (MCUs) built for the Matter protocol. Key features include the lowest power solutions and more flexibility with higher SRAM options. 

Thread wireless modules

Enhance your space-constrained applications with our pre-certified, system-in-package (SIP) module that enables quick time-to-market. 

Thread portfolio by memory & use case

Simplify your design & development process

Whether you are working on a simple design or building a complex system, you should have confidence in your designs. Our extensive and easy-to-use hardware and software tools, and 24/7 year-round access to industry experts will empower you to drive innovation forward.

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Design & development resources

Design tool
Hardware design reviews for SimpleLink™ CC2xxx devices

The SimpleLink hardware design review process provides a way to get in touch, one-on-one, with a subject matter expert that can help review your design and provide valuable feedback. A simple 3-step process for requesting a review as well as links to relevant technical documentation and resources (...)

Matter lock example
Start developing your Matter application with our example that shows the use of Matter on the SimpleLink CC13xx and CC26xx wireless MCUs.
OpenThread Certification
We support OpenThread with our SimpleLink family of wireless MCUs and actively contribute to the ongoing development of OpenThread.

Why choose TI for Thread and Matter


Industry-leading, low power performance

Extend your battery life with our Thread and Matter devices with features including 0.85-µA standby current over temperature, best-in-class coin-cell operation at 10 dBm and more.


Matter-ready portfolio

With industry's first public demo and as a promoter member of the CSA, TI offers all you need to get started today with your IoT Matter project. 


Robust software stack

One-stop for  any protocol or application with our SimpleLink™ software development kit (SDK). The most reliable, complete software offering optimized for our low-power devices.


Quality, reliability and certification

Thread and Matter solutions are proven and tested to meet the highest industrial and regulatory compliance standards as well as provide easy certification with the Connectivity Standards Alliance.

Overview of Matter connectivity standard


Watch our demonstration of the new Matter standard, formerly known as Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP), based on our SimpleLink™ wireless MCU platform. Matter provides a single, unified connectivity standard to connect compatible devices and systems to one another. This unified application layer allows manufactures to accelerate their development and provide consumers with improved compatibility across IoT smart devices. TI supports all Thread-based topologies for Matter accessories.