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TI MCU Design Challenge India 2014

Cash Prizes: Rs. 3 Lakhs for top 3 teams!
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  1. Can you tell me about TI MCU Design Challenge 2014?

    The second edition of TI India’s MCU Design Challenge 2014 is based on Texas Instrument's most successful microcontroller series that includes MSP430, Tiva, Hercules and C2000.

    The three phase contest involves contestants developing designs incorporating TI controllers (MSP430/ TIVA/ C2000/ Hercules). The contest will enable the participants to win prizes worth 3 Lakhs.

  2. What is the contest about?

    The contest is about testing your imagination and innovation. MCU Design Challenge encourages participants to unleash their thoughts and build innovative embedded systems using at least one TI microcontroller.

  3. What do I win by participating?

    Participants will stand a chance to win prizes worth Rs. 3 Lakhs and will also be given opportunities to showcase their design to potential investors.

    First Prize – 1, 25,000
    Second Prize – 1, 00,000
    Third Prize – 75,000

  4. Who can participate? What are the eligibility criteria?

    All working professionals engaged in legal employment throughout the course of the competition. Participants must be residents of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan or Sri Lanka, who are above the age of 18 years at the time of registering for the event.

  5. How do I enter the challenge/ how do I submit my proposal?

    Click here to see a video that should address your questions

    The first 50 entries win TI goodies!

  6. Can teams participate in the contest?

    Yes. The contest is open to teams containing a minimum of one individual participant and maximum of 5 members. However, every individual can be part of only one team.

  7. Is the date for Registration and Submission of Phase 1 the same? Can I get a detailed schedule?

    Yes, the Registrations and Submissions for phase 1 will open from May 23rd to 1st September, 2014. Click here for the important dates.

  8. Where can I get more information about TI Microcontrollers?

    You can click here for information and also go through www.ti.com to explore further.

  9. On what parameters are the entries judged?

    Your abstract will be judged on the basis of the following aspects:
    • Innovation / Creativity
    • Design optimization
    • Number of TI products/parts incorporated in the design
    • Technical Merit
    • Utility of application

  10. How many proposals can I submit for the contest?

    Your latest submission of the proposal as on July 22nd 2014 will be considered as final.

  11. How and when will I know if my proposal is selected?

    The results for the 50 selected participants will be announced on August 5th, 2014. We will reach out to the participants via email on their registered email ID. Concurrently, participants can also check on our website or Facebook page for announcements.

  12. What happens once my proposal is selected?

    Great! You’re up for Phase two. Once selected, TI will send you a detailed e-mail of the further steps to be followed. Additionally, you can read the phase 2 details here

  13. Can I get more than one Tool/Part?

    Participants can order more tools/parts if they would like. However, only one tool (TI MCU Launchpad) will be sent by TI to the selected 50 participants.

  14. What happens once I am selected for phase 3 as one of the top 10 participants?

    The top 10 contestants will get an opportunity to display their work during the grand finale on November 23rd, 2014 at Texas Instruments India Bangalore Office – Bagmane Tech Park. Top three winners will be announced the same day.

  15. Will I get technical support to complete my project?

    Your technical queries will be addressed on http://e2e.ti.com/

  16. What are the reasons that can lead to my disqualification from entering or winning the contest?

    1. Fake identities and fake registrations are not allowed and subject to disqualification.
    2. Multiple project submissions: Only one entry is permitted per participant or group and participant/s or group of participants competing through multiple entries will be disqualified.
    3. Participants who leave their names in headers, footers, table of contents pages, schematics, etc. may be disqualified. Unique 'Registration ID', Team Name and Project Name will completely identify the Project work.
    4. Copying and plagiarizing the ideas: Each Project entered in the Contest must be the original work and sole and exclusive property of the person or team who submits it or the participant must have written legal permission from the property owner.
    5. Ill-practices and unnecessary disputes may lead to disqualification.
    6. Incomplete documentations: Incomplete, illegible, or defaced entries will be rejected.
    7. Submissions after deadline has passed

    For more details, please check the Contest Rules Tab.

  17. Where can I get further assistance if I have more doubts regarding the contest?

    While we will stay connected to the participants and provide the step by step guidance during all the three phases, you can connect with us on the email ID from more information: timdc2014@list.ti.com

  18. Will TI Provide for accommodation and travel to Bangalore for final 10 teams?

    No, TI will not provide any accommodation or travel, neither the reimbursement of the same.

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