History of Innovation
Take a tour through the major events in TI's amazing 75-year history. You can read biographies of our founders and chairmen through the years, as well as learn about key innovations. We hope you enjoy learning about TI's first 75 years.
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Engineering the World.

TI has literally transformed the world in 75 years. From humble beginnings in Texas oil fields to leadership in global markets, TI has thrived by developing the ideas of its people. Built by the determination of founders Eugene McDermott, Erik Jonsson, Cecil Green and Pat Haggerty, our company not only survived, but changed the world through risk taking and innovation.

Our contributions to communities and industries around the world are unmatched because of thousands of TI people, including inventors such as Nobel Prize-winner Jack Kilby. Thanks to them, our history includes inventions such as the first commercial silicon transistors, the first integrated circuits and the first electronic hand-held calculator.

As we begin our second 75 years, TI leads the way in digital signal processing and analog technologies—the semiconductor engines of the Internet age. TI and its people are setting the pace in global markets such as wireless and broadband access, as well as a variety of emerging markets that include digital projection systems and digital audio.

Our story offers a window into a corporate culture that fosters the creativity and mental toughness needed to succeed in a competitive world. TI also has demonstrated how a company can become a true member of the communities it serves through fiscal responsibility, civic mindedness, high ethical standards, support for education and leadership in research and development.

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