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History of Innovation

    1950 1952
   •  TI buys Western Electric transistor license; enters semiconductor realm

   •  SC Products division established

   •  TI introduces first commercial silicon transistor
   •  First germanium high-frequency transistors produced
   •  Regency Radio debuts, first commercial mass-produced transistor product

   •  Grown-diffused transistors developed

   •  First silicon high-power transistors produced
   •  First SC distributor sales program launched

   •  Integrated circuit invented by Jack Kilby
   •  Explorer, first U.S. orbiting satellite, contains TI transistors
   •  Diffused-base transistor process developed
   •  Centralized Automatic Tester (CAT) transistor-testing machine produced

   •  First commercial integrated circuit – Solid Circuits™ – produced
   •  First Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) solar cells produced

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    1960 1961
   •  Series 51 ICs produced, first digital logic IC family
   •  Epitaxial and Planar SC manufacturing processes implemented
   •  Special SC devices produced for Polaris missile

   •  Series 52 ICs produced, linear circuits IC family

   •  First plastic packaging of integrated circuits
   •  TI-Kote™ silicon carbide coating developed
   •  Series 54/74 Transistor-Transistor-Logic (TTL) ICs introduced
   •  Zenith demonstrates hearing aid, first use of TI IC in consumer device

   •  Manufacturing transitions from 1.25” to 2.0” wafers
   •  TI533 IC tester put into operation
   •  TIVICON camera tube developed
   •  Discretionary wiring large-scale integration process developed

   •  TI’s first Metal-On-Silicon (MOS) circuits produced
   •  ECL integrated circuits produced
   •  Single-diffused SC process developed

   •  Thermocompression bonding process developed
   •  Large Scale Integration (LSI) designs introduced
   •  Memory arrays developed
   •  APOLLO Lunar Exploration Module contains TI components

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    1970 1971
   •  Single-chip microprocessor invented
   •  Single-chip “calculator on chip” invented (later called microcontroller)
   •  Series 54/74H ICs – high-power TTL logic family – produced
   •  Series 54/74L ICs – low-power TTL logic family – produced
   •  Series 54/74LS ICs – low-power Schottky logic family – produced
   •  Series 54S Schottky logic family of ICs produced

   •  ABACUS II integrated circuit wire bonder developed

   •  4K dynamic random access memory (DRAM) IC developed

   •  TMS1000 single-chip microcomputer (microcontroller) released

   •  TMS9900 16-bit microprocessor chip released
   •  First Integrated Injection Logic (I²L) put into use
   •  First single-transistor memory cell produced
   •  E-Beam lithography program launched
   •  First Programmable Logic Array developed

   •  First applications libraries for microprocessors developed

   •  16K dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chip released
   •  Production begins of magnetic bubble memory chips
   •  16K electrically-programmed read-only memory (EPROM) chip released
   •  4K static random access memory (SRAM) chip released
   •  DARPA job yields metallic membrane, Digital Micromirror Device precursor

   •  Single-chip speech synthesizer debuts in TI Speak & Spell™
   •  256K bubble memory chips produced
   •  64K 5 volt-only DRAM chip released
   •  16K static random access memory (SRAM) chip produced
   •  32K EPROM chip released
   •  Etched leadframe IDEA technology developed

   •  Production begins of 64K dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chip
   •  Series 54/74AS ICs – Advanced Schottky logic family – produced
   •  Series 54ALS ICs – Advanced low-power Schottky logic family – produced
   •  Microcomputer/module business launched
   •  Solar Energy technology developed

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    1980 1980
   •  Gate array business launched
   •  First Sonar autofocus technology developed with Polaroid

   •  TMS7000 8-bit microprocessor chip announced
   •  64K dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chip enters full production
   •  Charge-coupled device imagers (CCDs) delivered for space telescope
   •  First 128 x 128 digital micromirror device (DMD) developed

   •  Single-chip digital signal processor (DSP) announced
   •  Charge-coupled device imagers (CCDs) delivered for Galileo Mission

   •  Manufacturing transitions to 6” wafers
   •  Complementary metal-on-silicon (CMOS) gate arrays developed with Fujitsu
   •  First business secured for programmable logic array technology
   •  32000-series microprocessor chip developed with National Semiconductor
   •  Standard cell semi-custom ICs developed
   •  First Multiport video RAM chip produced
   •  First DMD (digital micromirror device)-based printer produced

   •  Production begins of 256K dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) chips
   •  Chips developed using 4MB DRAM trench cell
   •  List Processing (LISP) chip developed for AI applications

   •  First 32-bit graphics DSP developed
   •  1-micron complementary (CMOS) gate arrays developed
   •  Production begins of 1MB DRAM chips
   •  Series 74HC ICs – CMOS logic family – produced

   •  First 4MB dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) devices sampled
   •  TI and Hitachi sign 16MB DRAM joint development agreement
   •  First hybrid silicon and gallium arsenide IC demonstrated
   •  Fabrication of first quantum-effect transistor announced
   •  First digital DMD produced

   •  Microelectronics Manufacturing Science Technology (MMST) contract won

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    1990 1990
   •  64MB dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) designed and demonstrated
   •  4MB DRAM production enters ramp-up phase
   •  16MB DRAM sampled
   •  BiCMOS technology developed
   •  Manufacturing transitions to 8” wafers
   •  Room-temperature resonant-tunneling transistor developed
   •  Silicon-based monolithic digital micromirror device fabricated

   •  4MB DRAM chip enters volume production
   •  SuperSPARC™ reduced-instruction set computing (RISC) chip produced
   •  First light-emitting diode (LED) CMOS and GaAs chip demonstrated

   •  TI 486 microprocessor chip released
   •  MicroSPARC™ single-chip processor introduced
   •  First large-screen color DMD projector demonstrated

   •  Three-day IC manufacturing process demonstrated as part of MMST contract
   •  TI and Hitachi announce agreement for joint development of 256MB DRAM
   •  First room-temperature quantum-effect IC demonstrated
   •  First high-resolution DMD projection demonstrated

   •  Multimedia video processor chip introduced with DSP-RISC architectures
   •  TI, Hitachi announce TwinStar JV for advanced chip manufacturing
   •  1394 serial bus wins “Most Significant Technology” award at Fall COMDEX

   •  Micro-dominant business units deployed
   •  TMS320C54x™ DSP chip family launched
   •  Dr. Hornbeck, DMD™ inventor, receives Eduard Rhein Award

   •  First chip scale package, MicroStar Ball Grid Array, completed

   •  TMS320C6x, first VLIW DSP, introduced with 1 GFLOPS performance
   •  Kilby Center dedicated, new $150 million R&D facility
   •  TI inventors Hornbeck, Nelson receive Rank Prize Funds award for DMD™
   •  First 56-Kbit modem from 3COM uses TI DSP solution
   •  ANAM foundry operation begins production using ‘C10 technology
   •  Power Trends subsidiary supplies electronics for Mars Pathfinder mission

   •  SC business establishes six new vertical business units
   •  World’s highest performance floating-point DSP, TMS320C6701, introduced
   •  DLP™ technology and inventor Larry Hornbeck receive Emmy awards
   •  Bond-Over-Active Circuits and Bond-Over-ESD technology introduced

   •  Two more vertical business units established
   •  eXpressDSP™ Realtime Software technology released
   •  First DSP-based printer solution – xStream DSP technology – introduced
   •  First DSP-optimized analog-to-digital converter, THS1206, introduced
   •  DSP-based solution provides secure downloading to portable devices
   •  Nokia, Ericsson select Open Multimedia Application Platform (OMAP™)
   •  “Star Wars: Phantom Menace” premiers in DLP Cinema™
   •  Hitachi & TI joint agreement announced to develop HDTV
   •  Disney’s “Tarzan” is first movie without film-to-digital transfer

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    2000 2000
   •  DMOS5 wafer factory converted to 200mm wafers
   •  TMS320C64x™ core breaks records as world’s fastest DSP
   •  TMS320C55x™ DSP core announced
   •  ADSL set-top box demonstrated at NAB 2000 by Philips and TI
   •  Shipments of DLP™ subsystems up over 250% from 1999

   •  Palm Computer uses TI Portable Power Management devices
   •  First 300mm full flow silicon manufacturing begins
   •  Sun-UltraSPARC III - Copper process launched

   •  90-nanometer CMOS process announced
   •  First single-chip Bluetooth® device made with TI digital RF architecture
   •  130-nanometer technology qualified for production on 300mm wafers
   •  BiCOMIII introduced, first SiGe process with NPN and PNP transistors
   •  First 64-megabit ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) test chip produced

   •  High-performance 14-bit, 124-MSPS analog-to-digital converter announced
   •  First 90-nanometer samples delivered - phone call on 90nm silicon
   •  First single-chip ADSL integrating 12-volt line driver announced
   •  Cisco Supplier of the Year award honors TI ASIC business
   •  15th anniversary of TI-Sun Microsystems relationship celebrated
   •  Single electron transistor research presented
   •  First CDMA chipset announced
   •  WANDA announced, a PDA design integrating three wireless technologies

   •  First single-chip cell phone device shipped
   •  Strained silicon process announced, increases electron and hole mobility
   •  65-nanometer CMOS process announced
   •  1GHz DSP announced, the first and fastest in the industry
   •  OMAP™ 2 architecture announced
   •  Capability for TV broadcast on cell phones announced
   •  DLP™ TVs outsell plasma in North America for large-screen TVs
   •  90-nanometer technology qualified for production on 300mm wafers

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