Texas Instruments

2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

Letter from our CEO

Richard K. Templeton Innovation is our business. We've been passionate about creating the best technology solutions for more than 80 years. While our enthusiastic and conscientious approach to solving problems hasn't changed, the challenges have.

Over the last few years, we've been consciously fine-tuning our operations to focus more on Analog and Embedded Processing. These are large markets with lots of growth potential. Their applications can profoundly influence the quality of life for people globally and address some of today's greatest concerns, including energy efficiency, vehicle safety and medical imaging advancements. We are proud to help our customers tackle these issues.

In 2012, we worked to responsibly integrate new facilities and employees, which significantly expanded our manufacturing footprint and provided more flexibility to better serve our customers. While growth has its challenges, we continue our commitment to conduct business with integrity, source ethically, innovate responsibly and manage operational risks closely in order to thrive long term.

We also furthered measures to proactively manage and communicate our expectations to our supply chain. We are collaborating with other electronics manufacturers to set common standards for measuring not only our own progress, but that of our suppliers by joining the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition.

In addition to having the right product strategy and operating responsibly, we've focused on strengthening the communities where we operate. We believe that strong companies build strong communities and that strong communities build strong companies. That's why TI and our employees around the world are volunteering their time and investing to make an impact in our local site communities. Whether we're providing access to technology in a classroom in China, helping students in the U.S. become more proficient in math and science, or providing meals for low-income students in India, we know education is the key for many students to become the innovators of the future.

I encourage you to learn more about our progress and goals as you read through this report. It's the evidence of much hard work by many dedicated people to continually improve our global impact. Our task moving forward is to build an even stronger TI, supply chain and neighboring communities.

Rich Templeton
Chairman, president and chief executive officer