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Employee well-being


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Health care costs continue to grow at a greater rate than overall inflation, leading to an increase in cost for employees and employers like TI. In order to help control these cost increases, we continue to:

  • Educate employees on their overall health by offering free on-site biometrics wellness screenings.
  • Provide employees with resources to make more informed decisions about the cost and quality of their health care.
  • Work to achieve cost-effective contracts with vendor partners.
  • Offer programs to help employees become actively engaged in managing their health.

Maintaining a healthier workforce reduces our overall health care costs and workers’ compensation claims, while decreasing absenteeism and improving productivity. In 2013, we continued to focus on programs and initiatives that could help improve employees’ health throughout the year.

For example, in the U.S., we:

  • Partnered with Weight Watchers to bring employees weight-management support at a significant discount. Employees, their spouses and contractors could attend Weight Watchers meetings in their community or at select TI sites, or use an online self-paced program.
  • Continued our wellness initiatives to help employees take little steps to achieve long-term health improvements. Employees could select a weight loss or stress-reduction journey, for example, completing an assessment, setting personal goals, and accessing resources for support. Participants were reminded each month to stay on track.
  • Emphasized flexible physical-fitness options with a new Winter Work-Ins campaign. It encouraged easy ways for employees to exercise indoors or at their desks. Participants received a resistance band and weekly reminders.
  • Continued to provide healthy food options at our on-site cafeterias. We also renovated the cafeteria at one of our largest Texas sites, which included adding a centrally located “health bar” with salad options, whole-grain pastas, soups and other healthy items.
  • Provided indoor and outdoor walking paths at several sites that include distance markers.
  • Offered free on-site biometric screenings to employees, including blood pressure, body mass index, waist measurement, triglycerides, cholesterol and glucose levels measurements to help them identify emerging health concerns.
  • Continued to help employees make more informed decisions about their health care by offering access to a third-party resource that provides cost and quality information on doctors, procedures and facilities. This service provider also reviews bills and prescriptions and schedules appointments.

Outside the U.S., some of our global health benefits continue to include health and life insurance or supplemental insurance programs, as well as other programs that are common locally.

In 2013, infections caused by a new avian influenza A (H7N9) virus were first reported in China, where TI has operations. We provided health briefings to employees on precautions they could take to avoid the virus. Throughout Asia, we provided on-site clinics with health education and prevention information on how to avoid upper-respiratory infections as well. In other global regions, employees reported incidents of flu or West Nile virus, but fortunately none were adversely affected.

Across the globe, TI also took measures to prevent and reduce musculoskeletal conditions, as these were the most common ailments at our fabrication sites in 2013, which can require time away from work. While our work environments did not cause the vast majority of these conditions, we educated employees on ways they can reduce these injuries.


In the U.S.:

  • Continued to provide health screenings and access to health and wellness resources to U.S. employees. Two-thirds of those employees who participated in our 2012 health screening and had three or more personal health risks reduced those risks to two or fewer in 2013.
  • About 200 Weight Watchers participants lost 2,650 pounds.
  • We administered free flu vaccinations to more than 5,700 employees.
  • Our on-site fitness centers averaged 600 visits a weekday, or about 17,000 visits a month.
  • A TI-contracted third party helped more than 1,600 employees make more informed decisions about their health care. The organization provided 4,900 services for employees, which included helping them estimate the cost of their health care costs and find doctors.
  • The National Business Group on Health named TI a platinum winner of its Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Award.

Looking ahead

TI will continue to invest in improving employee health and wellness in 2014 by providing all employees relevant information and resources in an effort to decrease the overall number of occupational and nonoccupational illnesses and injuries.

In the U.S. specifically, TI will:

  • Continue to host wellness fairs, health screenings, Weight Watchers meetings and health education activities.
  • Continue to provide free flu vaccinations for all U.S. employees.
  • Continue to offer access to cost and quality information to assist employees’ financial decisions regarding health care.
  • Expand our pool of registered dieticians who can counsel employees on nutritious eating.
  • Encourage enrollment at our largest on-site fitness center by reducing employee membership rates, adding new state-of-the-art fitness equipment, and making significant renovations to improve the overall experience.