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TI is continuously working to create a pipeline of future engineers through academic academic investments and partnerships, advocacy efforts, and outreach to students from grade school through college.

As a multinational technology company based in the U.S., we need access to highly educated professionals who are qualified in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). According to the Partnership for a New American Economy, in five years American companies will have 230,000 jobs in STEM fields that they cannot fill. In Texas alone, there are two-and-a-half STEM-related job openings for every unemployed person.

To address these shortfalls in the U.S. and abroad, in 2013 TI continued to recruit qualified new college graduates and attract underrepresented groups to STEM fields. We did this by:

  • Showcasing TI’s innovation and range of development opportunities on college campuses, including hosting TI Innovation Days to provide hands-on opportunities for students to interact with our technological advancements.
  • Promoting Make an Impact, TI’s signature one-year development program for new college graduates.
  • Sponsoring a career fair in conjunction with Frank Greene Scholars for middle and high school college-bound African-American students.
  • Reaching talented people with disabilities in the U.S. by partnering with GettingHired and Equal Opportunity Publications’ annual career expos. Several of Equal Opportunity’s magazines profiled our employees and internship program during the year.
  • Increasing outreach for military veterans to consider technical and engineering positions at TI, in partnership with our Veterans Diversity Initiative and RecruitMilitary.
  • Attending the United Negro College Fund and the Stanford Center for Professional Development’s Innovation Summit to learn more about how to encourage underrepresented minority students to pursue careers in STEM fields.
  • Engaging students at 45 U.S. universities, as well as universities in countries such as Germany, China, Malaysia and India, by:

In China, TI continued developing an infrastructure to support our multiyear hiring plan there. These efforts included promoting our compelling employment brand, putting a global applicant tracking system in place, and training our recruiters.

Our strategic recruiting investments were recognized globally in 2013. TI was named to:


In 2013, TI:

  • Hired 3,325 new employees globally, including 970 new college graduates.
  • Increased the number of global rotation program hires slightly to 375.
  • Hired 930 interns to gain experience at TI.
  • Trained more than 600 employees to become members of our campus recruitment teams.

Looking ahead

In 2014, we plan to:

  • Maintain our recruiting momentum for new engineering graduates and build on the groundwork we laid in China to continue positioning TI as the employer of choice.
  • Increase recruitment outreach to military veterans, minorities and individuals with disabilities in the U.S.
  • Continue our efforts to attract and retain qualified employees at our fabrication sites in Malaysia and successfully staff our assembly/test and fabrication facilities in China.