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Collaborative research at the Texas Analog Center of Excellence is just one example of the wide-ranging work TI does with university faculty and students.


TI performs advanced research company-wide, which includes almost a dozen labs around the world, but the company has a hand in advanced research in many other venues as well.

  • Universities are an important facet of TI's R&D efforts, and in the past five years alone TI has invested more than $80 million in university research projects in areas such as energy harvesting, computational photography, biomedical electronics, power management, analog technology and robotics.

    The cross-fertilization that results when TI engineers get together with faculty and students from various disciplines regularly leads to interesting research and important technological advances. That's why TI is working with researchers at Stanford, the University of Michigan, MIT and many other schools around the world. Learn more here.
  • TI is also an active member of Semiconductor Research Corp., an industry consortium that funds university research. With member companies and university research programs spanning the globe, SRC plays an indispensable part in the R&D strategies of the industry's most influential entities.

    SRC-sponsored university research is designed to spur technological breakthroughs. TI's financial contributions help SRC back more than $40 million in semiconductor research a year – and support more than 1,000 graduate students annually. TI employees also participate on technical advisory boards, attend university research reviews and serve as technical advisors in SRC research projects.

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