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Process Technology Development

TI's analog and embedded processing products are solving some of today's biggest challenges. Along with the company's innovative design techniques, TI's internal and external process technology development enables smaller, faster and more power-efficient semiconductor products across a vast range of applications.


TI's new family of magnetic hall sensors uses LBC8 process, TI's 0.18um high voltage BCD technology. Read more.
TI's proprietary process technologies serve as the foundation of our comprehensive portfolio of analog products. Offering faster speeds, higher precision, lower power, smaller sizes and increased functionality, these technologies allow TI's analog engineers to develop products that help customers be competitive. Internal development allows for close collaboration between the process technology and product design teams to develop next generation, disruptive technologies for new markets and products.

For embedded processing products, TI works side-by-side with foundry partners to develop TI-specific processes tuned to meet customer needs. This includes close monitoring of the latest innovations in materials, lithography and other process technology developments to understand the implications for future product roadmaps.

TI also maintains a collaborative R&D model, balancing internal research with partnerships across universities, customers and industry consortia on technology advancements that will result in differentiated products for our customers. For more information on TI R&D, click here.