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A building automation gateway is used to provide a network bridge from one protocol to another. These protocols include wired to wired, wired to wireless, wireless to wireless. Gateways are becoming vital to building automation systems including HVAC, fire safety and building security. Utilizing an IoT Gateway allows data from multiple wireless sensor nodes to be communicated to a central monitoring system. The central monitoring system can then make decisions regulating the various building automation systems. Intelligent building automation decisions help minimize building operation costs and maximize green energy processes.

  • Wired to wired gateways change from one type of wired protocol to another wired protocol. TI offers a variety of interface products to meet various interface standards including RS-485, Ethernet, CAN, and more
  • Wired to wireless gateways create a network bridge between a wired communication protocol and a wireless protocol, such as Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth, Zigbee and other 2.4GHz and Sub-1GHz communication standards
  • TI designs show many ways to modify existing wired hardware in order to achieve a data bridge to a wireless network

Reference designs and products

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Page-1 block-status-leds Status LEDs Status LEDs block-lcd LCD LCD block-lcd-backlight LCD Backlight LCD Backlight block-ac-line AC Line AC Line block-dc-power-from-adaptor DC Power from Adaptor DC Power from Adaptor block-backup-battery Backup Battery Backup Battery block-keypad Keypad Keypad Sheet.61 block-haptics-feedback Haptics Feedback HapticsFeedback group-non-isolated-dcdc-power-supply Process.21 block-dcdc DC/DC DC/DC block-dcdc.14 DC/DC DC/DC title-non-isolated-dcdc-power-supply Non-isolated DC/DC power supply Non-isolated DC/DC power supply text-5v 5V 5V text-3.3v 3.3V 3.3V text-mpu MPU MPU block-pmic PMIC PMIC Sheet.1 Sheet.4 Sheet.13 Sheet.33 Sheet.34 Sheet.35 group-energy-storage Process.115 block-oring OR’ing Controller OR’ingController block-battery-gas-gauge Battery Gas Gauge BatteryGas Gauge title-energy-storage Energy Storage Energy Storage Sheet.31 Sheet.66 group-signal-input-output-protection Process.123 title-signal-input-output-protection Signal Input/Output Protection Signal Input/OutputProtection block-protection.122 Protection Protection group-input-user-interface Process.5 title-input-user-interface Input User Interface InputUser Interface block-haptics Haptics Haptics block-keypad-interface Keypad Interface KeypadInterface group-output-user-interface Process.102 title-ouput-user-interface Output User Interface OutputUser Interface block-led-driver LED Driver LED Driver block-lcd-driver LCD Driver LCD Driver block-backlight-controller Backlight Controller Backlight Controller group-digital-processing Process.47 title-digital-processing Digital Processing Digital Processing block-mpu MPU MPU group-wireless-interface Process.36 title-wireless-interface Wireless Interface WirelessInterface block-wifi-radio Wi-Fi Radio Wi-Fi Radio block-nfc NFC NFC block-sub-1ghz-or-2.4-ghz-radio Sub 1-GHz or 2.4-GHz Radio Sub 1-GHz or 2.4-GHz Radio Sheet.50 Sheet.52 group-wired-interface Process.85 title-wired-interface Wired Interface Wired Interface block-ethernet Ethernet Ethernet block-rs-232 RS-232 RS-232 block-rs-485 RS-485 RS-485 block-usb-switch USB Switch USB Switch group-signal-input-output-protection Process.111 title-signal-input-output-protection.112 Signal Input/Output Protection Signal Input/OutputProtection block-protection Protection Protection block-protection.108 Protection Protection block-protection.109 Protection Protection block-protection.110 Protection Protection Sheet.28 Sheet.29 Sheet.30 Sheet.32 Sheet.38 Sheet.39 Sheet.40 Sheet.41 Sheet.42 Sheet.43 Sheet.44 Sheet.45 Sheet.46 Sheet.53 Sheet.54 Sheet.55 Sheet.57 Sheet.58 Sheet.59 Sheet.60 Sheet.65 Sheet.67 Sheet.68 Sheet.119 Sheet.120 Sheet.121 group-self-diagnostics-monitoring Process.62 title-self-diagnostics-monitoring Self-Diagnostics/Monitoring Self-Diagnostics/Monitoring block-temperature-monitor Temperature Monitor TemperatureMonitor block-realtime-clock Real Time Clock Real TimeClock block-voltage-supervisor Voltage Supervisor Voltage Supervisor

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