Test & measurement

Achieve higher density testing, lower test times and higher accuracy with our analog and embedded processing products and expertise

Create innovative and differentiated instrumentation & electronic test equipment with our high-performance signal chain, power, and processors products. By providing both industry-leading products and application-specific reference design resources, we can help you solve your top design challenges and accelerate your time-to-market. We also enable scalability and high-performance in applications such as battery formation and semiconductor ATE.

Why choose TI for your test & measurement applications?


Design for the lowest noise

Achieve the highest SNR performance with our high-performance signal chain and low-noise power products and reference designs to accelerate your time to market.


Maximize channel density

Reduce the size of your signal chain and power solutions with our innovative package technology and products for design integration.


Achieve high precision & accuracy

Meet your performance needs and enhance your performance-to-cost ratio with the latest precision ADCs and amplifiers.

Engineering what's next in test and measurement

The growing demand for ICs is driving an increase in both test channel density as well as an increase in voltages and currents that VI instruments need to support. Our power amplifiers, switches, and power modules allow for reduced solution sizes, enabling an increase in test channel density.

Application brief
Pairing up Op Amp and Buffer for Higher Output Power Plus Speed in ATE
This application note discusses a composite amplifier loop that uses a precision-amplifier and a high-output current buffer to achieve key system requirements.
Application brief
How to Select Precision Amplifiers for Semiconductor Testers (Rev. A)
Semiconductor test equipment is an important and ever-evolving industry. As semiconductors and integrated circuits continue to become more advanced and stretch the limits on electronics, test equipment must continue to improve.
Application note
When to Replace a Relay With a Multiplexer (Rev. A)
Photorelays, mechanical relays and flat on-resistance multiplexers - In this application note, we go over the differences in performance, cost, size, and reliability between these three solutions.
Featured products for test channel density
OPA462 ACTIVE 180-V, wide bandwidth (6.5 MHz), high-slew rate (25 V/µs) unity-gain stable op amp
OPA593 ACTIVE 85-V, 100-µV wide-bandwidth (10 MHz) high-output-current (250 mA) precision operational amplifier
TMUX8212 ACTIVE 100-V, flat RON, 1:1 (SPST), four-channel switches with latch-up Immunity and 1.8-V

Minimizing noise is a common challenge for engineers designing a power supply for noise-sensitive systems for test and measurement applications, such as clocks, data converters or amplifiers. Although the term “noise” can mean different things to different people, we define noise as low-frequency thermal noise generated by resistors and transistors in the circuit.

You can identify noise through a spectral noise-density curve in microvolts per square-root hertz, and as integrated output noise in root-mean-square microvolts, typically over a specific range from 100 Hz to 100 kHz. We offer products and reference designs that help mitigate potential noise coupling that can affect the performance of devices in the signal chain.

Technical article
What is a low noise inverting buck converter?
Do you need a negative voltage to power your data converter or amplifier? These types of systems usually require low noise to power such sensitive analog circuitry. How does a low-noise inverting buck converter work? Read more.
Analog Design Journal
Designing a modern power supply for RF sampling converters
Read about how to address system power consumption, with a new architecture for direct-RF sampling that simplifies the receiver signal chain and results in reduced system power.
More literature
Low-noise and low-ripple techniques for a supply without an LDO PPT
Power supply design seminar: Detailed summary of Low-noise and low-ripple techniques for a supply without an LDO
Featured products for low-noise power
TPS7A94 ACTIVE 1-A, ultra-low noise, ultra-high PSRR, RF voltage regulator
TPS7A57 ACTIVE 5-A, low-input-voltage, low-noise, high-accuracy low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulator
TPS62913 ACTIVE 17-VIN, 3-A low-noise and low-ripple buck converter with integrated ferrite bead filter compensation

Design & development resources

Reference design
Modular battery tester reference design for 50-A, 100-A, and 200-A applications
This reference design provides a modular battery test solution allowing users to have the flexibility to test batteries at different current levels with one design. This design leverages the TIDA-01041 reference design by providing two 100-A battery testers that can work independently or be (...)
Reference design
Digital control cost-optimized 10-A battery formation and test reference design
This reference design provides a cost-effective solution for battery formation and test applications. This design uses the C2000™ real-time control MCU for high-resolution pulse-width modulation (PWM) generation, and constant-current (CC) and constant-voltage (CV)
control loops. It efficiently (...)
Reference design
LCR meter analog front end reference design
This reference design, TIDA-060029 demonstrates an analog signal chain solution for LCR Meter applications using an auto balancing impedance measurement method.

Reference designs related to Test & measurement

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.

Featured products

Precision ADCs ADS127L11 ACTIVE 24-bit, 400-kSPS, delta-sigma ADC with easy-to-drive inputs and wideband or low-latency filters
High-speed ADCs (≥10 MSPS) ADC3683 ACTIVE Dual-channel, 18-bit, 65-MSPS, low-noise, ultra-low-power, low-latency ADC
High-speed ADCs (≥10 MSPS) ADC12DJ5200RF ACTIVE RF-sampling 12-bit ADC with dual-channel 5.2 GSPS or single-channel 10.4 GSPS
Linear & low-dropout (LDO) regulators TPS7A94 ACTIVE 1-A, ultra-low noise, ultra-high PSRR, RF voltage regulator
AC/DC & DC/DC converters (integrated FET) TPS62913 ACTIVE 17-VIN, 3-A low-noise and low-ripple buck converter with integrated ferrite bead filter compensation
Power modules (integrated inductor) TPSM8D6C24 ACTIVE 2.95-V to 16-V input, dual 35-A, PMBus® power module

Technical resources

Analog engineer's calculator
The Analog Engineer’s Calculator is designed to speed up many of the repetitive calculations that analog circuit design engineers use on a regular basis.
PSpice® for TI design and simulation tool
PSpice® for TI is a design and simulation environment that helps evaluate functionality of analog circuits. This full-featured, design and simulation suite uses an analog analysis engine from Cadence®.
Adapter card to connect precision ADC evaluation modules to TMDS64GPEVM or TMDS243GPEVM PRU
Interface to more than 25 precision analog-to-digital converter (ADC) evaluation modules (EVMs) for communication, data capture and software development.