Head Unit - with Integrated Display

Head Unit - with Integrated Display


Head units with integrated display typically incorporate most infotainment features into one system. This makes the head unit more cost-efficient and easier to install by the OEM. TI has a strong embedded processor and analog portfolio to support your head unit with integrated display designs.

  • Typical video interfaces red, green, blue (RGB) parallel, OLDI or HDMI, as well as controls such as I2C, SPI or GPIO.
  • Backlight drivers commonly require the boost of voltages and are typically powered off the vehicle battery.
  • Converting clock and data lines to low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) helps mitigate EMI.
  • Temp sensing is used to ensure the backlight LEDs do not drive the temp beyond the specified panel rating.

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Page-1 Sheet.3 Vbattery Vbattery Dynamic connector.123 Sheet.152 Sheet.91 block-timing-controller Timing Controller Timing Controller block-level-shifter Level Shifter LevelShifter block-gate-driver Gate Driver GateDriver block-source-driver Source Driver SourceDriver Sheet.217 Rectangle.131 18/24b RGB 18/24b RGB Rectangle.138 I2C/SPI I2C/SPI Rectangle.158 I2C/SPI I2C/SPI Sheet.219 Rectangle.178 I2C/SPI I2C/SPI Rectangle.1 I2C/Analog I2C/Analog Dynamic connector.142 group-input-power-protection Process title-input-power-protection Input Power Protection Input PowerProtection block-reverse-battery-protection Reverse Battery Protection Reverse Battery Protection text-schema group-non-isolated-dcdc-power-supply Process.50 text-3.3/5v 3.3/5V 3.3/5V block-wide-vin-dcdc Wide VIN DC/DC Wide VIN DC/DC title-non-isolated-dcdc-power-supply Non-Isolated DC/DC Power Supply Non-Isolated DC/DC Power Supply Sheet.97 Sheet.96 group-digital-processing Process.200 block-applications-processor Applications Processor Applications Processor title-digital-processing Digital Processing Digital Processing group-signal-input-output-protection Process.108 block-esd.100 ESD ESD block-esd.104 ESD ESD block-filter-array Filter Array Filter Array title-signal-input-output-protection Signal Input/Output Protection SignalInput/Output Protection block-esd.105 ESD ESD block-esd ESD ESD block-esd.99 ESD ESD group-clocking Process.146 title-clocking Clocking Clocking block-clock Clock Clock group-output-user-interface Process.120 text-3.3v 3.3V 3.3V block-touch-controller Touch Controller TouchController title-output-user-interface Output User Interface Output User Interface group-analog-front-end Process.60 title-analog-front-end Analog Front End Analog Front End text-3.3v 3.3V 3.3V block-ambient-light-sensor Ambient Light Sensor AmbientLight Sensor Sheet.70 group-output-user-interface Process.77 block-lcd-bias-supply LCD Bias Supply LCD Bias Supply title-ouput-user-interface Output User Interface Output User Interface text-3.3/5v 3.3/5V 3.3/5V Sheet.78 group-output-user-interface Process.171 text-vbatt-rpd Vbatt RPD Vbatt RPD block-led-backlight-driver LED Backlight Driver LED BacklightDriver title-output-user-interface Output User Interface Output User Interface Sheet.172 group-self-diagnostics-monitoring Process.102 text-3.3v 3.3V 3.3V block-remote-temp-sensor Remote Temp Sensor Remote Temp Sensor title-self-diagnostics-monitoring Self-Diagnostics/Monitoring Self-Diagnostics/Monitoring Dynamic connector Dynamic connector.42 group-output-user-interface Process.191 block-gamma-buffer Gamma Buffer GammaBuffer title-output-user-interface Output User Interface Output User Interface text-3.3v 3.3V 3.3V Dynamic connector.194 Sheet.192 Sheet.137 Sheet.124 Sheet.109 Dynamic connector.89 Sheet.95 Dynamic connector.81 Dynamic connector.126 Sheet.143 Sheet.177 Sheet.179 Sheet.122

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