Markets TI DLP® technology serves

The industry leader in projection and optical sensing technologies

Texas Instruments DLP® products is best known for its its Scientific and Technical Award®-winning* TI DLP Cinema® technology, but there are many other innovative applications - from smartphones with pico projectors to interactive classroom projectors to 3D printers.

Innovative applications for many markets

Serving a broad range of markets from personal electronics to automotive and industrial, DLP technology is found in innovative products not only for homes, schools and businesses, but also in industrial and medical devices developed to resolve complex problems.

Why choose DLP technology?

  • Industry leader in imaging technology, and optical sensing and control
  • History of leading the way in current and future innovations
  • Wide range of products and applications for many markets
  • Proven reliability, long lasting color accuracy and low power consumption
  • Based on award-winning DLP Cinema technology – preferred worldwide by the motion picture exhibition industry

Guess how many markets TI DLP technology is used in?

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At DLP products, we are continually creating innovations for a better classroom. DLP classroom projectors have features such as interactivity, SmartSource™ 3D and ultra-short throw capability to help educators while maintaining a low total cost of ownership when you choose a DLP projector with lamp free technology.

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Business and government

DLP technology is used in a wide variety of projection products for businesses and governments. Whether it's an ultra-portable, hand-held DLP Pico™ projector you can take on the road, or a high-brightness Full HD 1080p projector for a small or large conference room, you will find it's easy to meet your projection needs.

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Home theater

DLP Cinema® is the world's leading technology for showing Hollywood movies at a theatre near you. Whether it's an affordable 1080p projector for your home theater or an ultra-portable, battery-powered pico projector you can show videos and movies on any surface, you'll WOW family and friends with amazing razor-sharp using the same chip architecture based upon Scientific and Technical Award-winning* DLP Cinema, but designed for the home. If it's good enough for Hollywood, just imagine how amazing it will look in homes and dorms, or anywhere.

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Personal electronics

DLP technology powers a wide array of personal electronic products that were once unthinkable. Devices such as the world's smallest projector to camcorders and smartphones capable of projecting an image up to 60 inches to the first battery-powered pico projector to accessory head-up display for navigation. The possibility for new and innovative products that can project on virtually any surface, anywhere is nearly endless with DLP Pico technology.

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Large venue and specialty

Some projectors with DLP technology are bright enough to light up sport's halftime shows, opening and closing award ceremonies, and even the screens behind the biggest stars in music. DLP technology is capable of delivering massive, vibrant images that can light up the largest screens to the tallest buildings to the most demanding concert venues. If it's a LARGE need DLP technology.

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Although best known for its amazing images from world-class projection products, DLP technology also enables innovative industrial advanced light control applications. With its fast digital switching using reflective and reliable Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) micromirrors, DLP technology is your DREAM solution for industrial measuring and sensing to facilitate 3D measurement, such as 3D machine vision and much more.

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Innovation never stops at DLP products. Just imagine improving patient and family satisfaction by viewing a person's veins with the same technology as viewing movies. The highly flexible and programmable technology is also suitable for medical applications such as the award-winning VeinViewer® that uses harmless near-infrared light and DLP technology.

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The same powerful technology behind Scientific and Technical Award-winning* TI DLP Cinema projection can be used in the automobile for compelling, high-brightness, interactive display systems to enhance the driving experience. Automotive applications include Head-Up Display (HUD) systems, touch screen free-form center consoles, and dynamic headlight controls. The proven reliability of DLP technology provides the sound foundation for these new and exciting frontiers.

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* 2014 Academy Award® of Merit (Oscar® statuette) to Larry Hornbeck for the invention of the digital micromirror technology as used in DLP Cinema projection.