TRF7960A (ACTIVE) TRF7960A Multi-Protocol Fully Integrated 13.56-MHz RFID Reader/Writer IC


Reference designs

NFC Transceiver's Direct Mode supporting MIFARE® Classic & Proprietary Protocols

Special Direct Mode on the TRF7970A and TRF7964A enables the flexibility to easily support a wide range of proprietary protocols, most commonly MIFARE Classic. In these applications, Special Direct Mode drastically reduces the resource demand on host MCUs while also providing more stable operation (...)

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Software (3)

TRF7960A C Code Samples  (ZIP 153 KB )    10 Aug 2011  
TRF7960EVM GUI Source Code  (ZIP 8780 KB )    23 Feb 2009  
TRF7960EVM GUI Software  (ZIP 677 KB )    23 Feb 2009