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Our Embedded AC-DC solutions provide customers ready to evaluate circuit boards for use in external adapters, open-frame power supplies, internal power supplies used in high end consumer equipment, and custom-built power supplies for specialized equipment. These solutions enable customers to design hardware that meets ENERGY STAR, California Energy Commission (CEC) and DOE Standards energy efficiency norms while allowing multiple configurable outputs, optimal overall efficiency, highly efficient low power modes (green mode), and built-in fault protections for user safety.

Common design challenges addressed include:

  • High efficiency through soft-switching techniques such as frequency modulated, quasi- resonant flyback converters, LLC resonant DC/DC, and ZVS PWM DC/DC
  • Low standby power solutions to meet ENERGY STAR and DOE standards
  • Low THD over wide load conditions using front end power factor correction solutions
  • Low cost, high efficiency DC-DC converter solutions for on-board distributed power rails

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