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Semiconductor test equipment is used for testing electronic devices for functionality and performance. Various tests are usually performed at different points during the semiconductor manufacturing process. The common types of the semiconductor test equipment are wafer level, package or final test and circuit board level testers.

TI’s reference designs demonstrate various sub-modules and building blocks used in semiconductor test equipment. These TI designs provide an in-depth explanation on how to extend the performance of cutting edge TI high performance amplifiers even further. They describe the challenges and solutions for increasing the gain with multistage implementation and stabilizing amplifiers in the attenuator configurations. They also include the examples of wideband single-ended-to-differential conversion in both DC or AC-coupled applications, precision micro-amp voltage-to-current (V-I) converters and wide range current sensing solutions. TI’s latest precision data converters are best suited for this application. All of these are fundamental building blocks not only for semiconductor test equipment but many other applications as well. TI also offers precise power management solutions for different types of the test equipment.

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