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Head units with remote displays typically have the infotainment features divided into multiple systems.  This makes the head unit more configurable by the OEM allowing for features to be added or removed for different vehicle models. Texas Instruments offers solutions that allow remote inter-connectivity of these while addressing reduced system EMI. TI offers an extensive portfolio of devices ranging from value to high-performance. TI has a strong embedded processor and analog portfolio to support your head unit with remote display design.  TI’s market-leading portfolio includes  applications processors, audio amplifiers, display LVDS solutions, wide VIN power solutions, USB products, ESD protection diodes, backlight drivers, and display bias supplies.

For integrated head unit solutions, click here.

Innovative products for head units with remote display:

Reverse battery protection smart diode (LM74610-Q1)

USB Type-C DFP controller (TPS25810)

Entry/mid-level infotainment and head unit co-processor

Feature-rich in-vehicle-infotainment (IVI) processor

In-vehicle-infotainment with informational advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) processor

Ready to get started on your head unit with remote display design? 

TI can help you jumpstart your design with an extensive TI Design offering. TI Designs are board level designs focused on specific systems, including test data specific to the application. Learn more.

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