Reconfigurable Digital Cluster

Cluster - Solid State / Fully Reconfigurable


Driver information has historically used mechanical gauges to notify the driver of vehicle speed and status. Advanced reconfigurable digital clusters allow the OEM and customer to choose different information layouts with a single hardware design. Applications processors provide advanced graphics capabilities that enable animated gauges with analog gauge-like response, active maps for navigation, and interfaces to driver monitoring cameras and Head-Up Displays (HUD).

TI provides solutions to enable platform scalability and allow driver customization:

  • High performance applications processors with integrated architectures that enable 3D navigation and high-definition video performance in the most advanced clusters
  • High efficiency, low quiescent current power supplies for off-battery and lower voltage applications to insure low system standby current and high efficiency
  • CAN and LIN transceivers to enable reliable data communications
  • A broad portfolio of shift register LED drivers for telltales and lighting with protection and diagnostics features
  • Class AB and Class-D audio amplifiers to provide driver warnings

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